Trapped Escape Rooms London Review

Trapped In A Prison Van

Reviewed by Louise Watts

Over the past few years, Escape Rooms have grown in popularity and are now available to play in numerous locations. I have played a couple and what I particularly like about them is that they are all very different. Each one requires different skills, has different clues and is a different experience. Some involve highly technical equipment; some are all about locks and some are a mix of both.

Yesterday, myself and 4 girlfriends visited the Trapped Escape Rooms in Stratford to play “Trapped in a prison van”. We all had ideas on what this might involve but we were all laughing out loud when we arrived on site to find a real prison van! 

We went in to let the team know we were here and were given information about what the game would involve! The man who welcomed us was brilliant. Highly amusing, very friendly and made us all laugh. We were then escorted to another room by our prison officer who was equally fantastic and tolerated 5 giggly women very well and the experience commenced. To say we played the game in true prisoner roles would be an understatement! I have never played a game before where you were expected to truly enter into the role of a particular character. Before we knew it, we were all wearing an orange boiler suit, handcuffed and allocated prisoner numbers and cells!!

We were then taken off to the prison van and met the male prisoner “Raven” who would be travelling with us. Raven was a man of mystery. Could we trust him, would he help us, or would he lie to us? Should we engage with him or should we ignore him? These were all questions we were asking ourselves throughout the game. Raven was a fabulous character who was probably safest locked in his cell away from us ladies! He engaged with us brilliantly and made the experience all the more enjoyable and added mountains of extra humour. I truly hope we provided him with the same level of entertainment that he gave us.

The clock starts ticking once you are all locked in your cells and the prison van is secured. You then have 60 mins to forge your escape. Before you can even consider escaping the van, you have to escape your cells. The clues were varied and cryptic. There was never a moment where any of us wanted it to end as we were bored or felt that it was impossible. Sadly, we didn’t manage to escape but we were almost there and knew what we needed to do; we just ran out of time to complete it. We all thoroughly enjoyed our experience from start to finish and even have the bruises from the handcuffs to prove it! I was still cleaning the ink of my fingertips this morning.

I could talk forever about how amazing our afternoon was and how much I would recommend this escape room, but I don’t want to give too much away and ruin it for anyone that plans to go. What I will say is that it is by far the best escape room I have done to date – both for the game itself and for the immersive experience of playing in role.

The cost of the game is £30 per person and up to 8 people can play at any one time. If you are a smaller group, you may be participating in the same game as others. There is an option to have a private game but you need to book all 8 places to ensure this. Personally, I think this game is easily worth £30 and I would not question the price. It will be £30 well spent!

The venue itself is in Stratford by the Olympic Village and Stratford International Station. Parking is simple in either the station multi storey or Westfield shopping centre. I pre-booked my space in Stratford International Car Park and paid the grand total of £6.30 for a Sunday day rate. The venue is easily located off the M25 and is surrounded by restaurants, shops and bars meaning you can make a whole day out if you would like to.

Rating: 5/5

Price: from £30 per person

For more information or to make a booking visit

Trapped Escape Rooms, Corner of Honour Lea Avenue & Sunrise Close, East Village, Stratford, London, E20 1DU | 0330 333 8085

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