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Smiggle Christmas Gifts Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

My two girls are absolutely mad on Smiggle stuff – it seems to be the thing to have at school at the moment, and pester power is absolutely a ‘thing’ in this house! Now Smiggle stuff isn’t cheap, so if they want ‘posh’ stationery like this, they have to wait for Christmas and birthdays for it, and it came as no surprise to find they had both put Smiggle towards the top of their Christmas lists this year. Smiggle don’t only sell stationery, although this is probably what they are most known for. A quick browse of the website or my local store confirmed that amongst the funky pens, erasers and notepads, there were also some lovely rucksacks, lunchboxes, water bottles and even jewellery boxes!

So I’m sure you can imagine just how excited the kids were when I told them that we were expecting a mystery box of goodies from Smiggle to try out before Christmas! They were absolutely not disappointed when the postman turned up with their parcel of products to try out. We were sent four items to try out – two standard stationery items and two more ‘gifty’ items, and we loved all of them!

The first item we were sent was the Smiggle Glitz Water Bottle. We were sent the coral version, which is a beautiful iridescent peachy pink but it is also available in a very cool sparkly black and lilac. My youngest said that she thought it was absolutely beautiful and that it reminded her of a mermaid tail. Priced at £13.50, it isn’t cheap, but it is certainly eye-catching and is probably around the price I would look at spending as a gift. The bottle has a 500ml capacity so holds plenty to provide water to sip all day. The bottle is made from strong plastic and has a double-walled design, which means the drink stays cool for longer. Between the two layers is the sequin pink insert, meaning you get the look of the sequins but still have the full practicality of a proper drinks bottle.

The lid flips up and the drink is then drunk through the attached plastic straw. We prefer this style of water bottle as it stops younger children pouring the drink all over themselves when trying to drink. Because of the design, the water bottle isn’t dishwasher safe and needs washing by hand, but I handwash all of our water bottles anyway so that’s not an issue for us. It is also BPA free, which is reassuring as a parent to know the kids won’t be ingesting any nasty chemicals.

We thought this was a really lovely design and it feels very Smiggle – it is instantly identifiable as the kind of product they sell, and both kids thought it was great. At the price it is, I probably won’t be allowing the kids to take it into school with them, but it does make a lovely present and is ideal for using at home.

The next item we tried out was the Beau Jewellery Box. This item surprised me the most as I never realised that Smiggle made products like this, and my older daughter thought it was quite fabulous!

Just like the water bottle, the jewellery box is a really cool iridescent pink (it must be a very ‘in’ colour this year – I’m too old to know!). It opens with a little silver clasp to reveal three layers of storage and a mirror. The outside of it feels slightly padded and puffy, which adds to the feeling of quality, and the lining of the inside of the box makes it feel like a premium product.

There is a small drawer at the front with the obligatory Smiggle logo, ideal for storing little charms and pendants, which is beautifully lined with a complimentary purple fabric. The top lid has a little mirror inside and there is a main storage area for larger trinkets, with a small shelf that lifts up and contains storage for rings and small things that could get tangled up with necklaces. The whole thing is lined with purple fabric and my daughter thinks its absolutely beautiful and very classy.

She has it on her bedside table for storing all of her most precious things and she is very, very pleased with it. Priced at £25, if it was one of her Christmas presents, it would be one of her main ones, but it feels like a good quality product and when I see the amount of pleasure that it clearly brings her, I would say that it is absolutely worth it. I think most tweens would absolutely love to find one of these under the Christmas tree!

We were also sent a Smiggle Fave Lockable A5 Notebook in Pink Ice-cream, priced at £13.50. This is a gorgeous A5 notebook with 160 high-quality pages and a little padlock with two keys. The cover feels really solid and is covered in pink sparkles with a pompom ice-cream applique pattern.

The pages inside are plain on the left-hand side and lined on the right-hand side which makes it ideal for kids to use as a journal. My girls enjoy using the plain side to draw then adding their thoughts to the lined side, and the quality of the paper is excellent and doesn’t allow ink to bleed through, ensuring that their work doesn’t get spoiled.

The little heart shaped padlock means that they can record their inner-most thoughts inside, without fear of them being read by someone else, and the fact that it comes with two keys means that I can keep a spare key, just in case she does misplace hers. Just like the previous two items this makes a brilliant Christmas gift, is top quality and I’m sure anyone receiving one would be over the moon. This particular item comes in four different options – three of them I would say would appeal mostly to girls, but the fourth option features a hamburger and some bright primary colours and I would imagine a boy or girl would be equally delighted with it.

The final item we were sent was a Mermaids & Unicorns Collectable Eraser Set, priced at £8.50. This also comes in the Diner range, featuring character that are more unisex. Contained in the set are five pastel coloured pencils, featuring little Mermaid and Unicorn slogans (I believe in unicorns, mermaids have more fun, etc.), and six shaped erasers. There are two mermaid tails, two unicorns, a mermaid shell and a giant rainbow eraser.

This is a brilliant stocking filler, and the contents would be perfect for a number of the themed pencil cases available on the Smiggle website. Just like all of the products, the quality is fantastic – well, the pencils are! They are solid, and the leads don’t snap. Neither of the kids is willing to spoil the erasers by using them, so it seems they are just going to be ‘collected’ – three of them are currently sat in my eldest’s new Smiggle Jewellery box!

We are over the moon with all of the items we received – the quality on all of them is fantastic and they all would make super Christmas gift ideas.

Rating: 5/5

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