Salter Cactus Electronic Scale Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

I was really pleased to be asked to review the Salter Cactus Electronic Scale as my current kitchen scales are very well used and in need of replacing so this came at an ideal time with Christmas fast approaching when I’ll be doing lots of baking.

The first thing that struck me when I received the scale was how small it is, it is very slimline measuring less than 2cm deep so would take up hardly any space in the kitchen. The scale is made of glass with a funky cactus design which looks modern and attractive and is limited edition. I was impressed that it came with a battery included and also has a 15-year guarantee which is very reassuring that it should last for a long time and is a quality product.

Because the scale is made of glass it is very easy to clean as it can just be wiped off with a cloth when needed so is very hygienic, there are no parts where food debris could collect and cause the scale to become dirty like a traditional scale with a bowl.

The scale is very easy to use as, to weigh something, you place any bowl (or other container) onto the scale, set it to zero and then weigh what you need directly into the bowl, to add and weigh more ingredients you can re-zero the scale each time meaning that you only need to use one bowl and can weigh all of the ingredients straight into the mixing bowl. The scale can measure in a range of units – grams, ounces, millilitres and fluid ounces (it can be used to measure liquids too which is brilliant).

I liked the fact that the digital display is very clear and easy to read, with nice large numbers. My only criticism of the scale is that I did find the buttons hard to use, they are very small and flat to the side of the scale so you can’t feel them and it is hard to know if you have pressed them hard enough or not. I’m sure that with time and as I use the scale more this will become less of a problem.

I am really pleased with this scale and am also planning on using it for weighing parcels and letters for posting as I think they will be ideal for this too.

I think the scale would also make a really lovely Christmas gift for someone who likes cooking as they are modern and look very cool, and as they are limited edition, they are a bit more special than the standard products.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £19.99

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