Smartwool Women’s Metallic Striped Sleuth Socks Review


SmartwoolSocks1Women’s Metallic Striped Sleuth Socks

Reviewed by Vicky Hall-Newman

As I work in retail, I am only allowed to wear black socks with my shoes as part of my uniform. Occasionally I do like to be a bit rebellious and try to wear another colour, but it always gets picked up by the management. When I was given the opportunity to try out some Smartwool Lifestyle Womens Metallic Secret Sleuth Socks, I thought that I would give them a go and see if I can get away with wearing them with the shoes I wear. I wear dolly shoes all the time and wasn’t sure if they would be hidden by my shoes, but to my surprise they were and all that was visible was a pink seam. If you wear bigger shoes, then they will be completely covered and invisible to anyone else.

These socks are made to manage moisture and temperature. So even if your feet get hot and sweaty in normal socks, the temperature control within the socks should keep them cooler, to stop them sweating. A stay-put heel grip keeps the sock in place, and its ultra-low profile make this the best sock you’ll never see. The socks have minimal cushioning and this means they fit better and are more discreet when you wear them.

The socks have metallic strips on them which adds a bit of jazz to them and they are perfect to wear if the weather is getting cold and you are going out for the night. Just slip them on underneath your going out shoes and nobody will know about them. Like me, you can even get away with wearing them to work. They come in a variety of colours and in sizes small, medium and large.


What did I like about them?
Because I always wear small, playful dolly shoes, they quite often look a bit silly with socks, so these are the perfect option for me. They were really comfortable to wear and I did keep forgetting that I had them on, which is a good thing but when I kept slipping my shoes off under the counter, or when I sat down the back of the sock did slip off on my right foot. One of the reasons I don’t wear socks with my little shoes is because sometimes, they make my feet feel squashed and tight in my shoes. I never had a problem with these socks, they were comfy, cooling and trendy. I would give these a 4/5, if they didn’t slip off when I removed my shoes then they would have received the full 5/5. I would buy this product again and I would recommend them to my daughter.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £13.99

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4 Star

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