Pregnancy Pillows U Shaped Pillow Review


Reviewed by Bethany Jones

WOW! That was my first reaction after unwrapping the huge parcel I’d had delivered. I immediately wanted to jump on it and curl up into the softness. Straightaway I had to rearrange my bed to fit it on and tried so hard to resist getting into bed as it was only midday.


The soft velour cover is something I’ve never seen before on a pregnancy pillow, my old one was just the normal cotton/polyester type. I had chosen a purple pillow to match my room and it did perfectly. The colour is vivid and deep and as I had chosen the purple it oozed relaxation. The subtle hint of lavender in the pillow also helped. With recently being diagnosed with a sacroiliac joint dysfunction I have been struggling to sleep as getting comfy was becoming impossible. This pillow was like a miracle cure and I’ve not had a bad night since I’ve had it and even my physiotherapist has commented that it seems to of made a difference. It has caused a few issues though, mainly fights between me and my partner as he tries to pinch it as it just looks so irresistible. A hormonal pregnant woman always wins in the end!


One negative I have found is that the filling inside left a hole where I’ve been sleeping and resting my knee over it, but it’s very interesting to know that they also offer the same pillow but using a bead filling instead. I may have to order that one too just so I can compare, at least it would save the nightly ‘rush to bed to get the pillow first’ routine! Apart from that I honestly cannot fault it at all, what’s even better is the price. You can pay £40+ for a pillow half the size where as this one is excellent value and an excellent pillow. Just after one night of having it I showed my friend who is also expecting a baby and she ordered one just off my recommendation. I will 100% have another one of these pillows again, pregnant or not!

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: Classic £25 | Original £30 | Premium £35

4 half Star

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