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Aquabeads Artists Carry Case Review

AquabeadsArtistsCarryCase1Aquabeads Artists Carry Case

Reviewed by Tracey Flintham

My seven year old daughter has always wanted an Aquabeads set so we were all excited to receive the Artists Carry Case to review.

The set arrives all individually wrapped which does take a little time to open and prepare the set. There is a large pink case which has 16 separate sections for all the different coloured beads and a smaller mini tray for working on. Also included is a pink rainbow pen which has 8 separate sections which will hold up to 40 beads in each section so perfect for loading up with the beads required for the intended craft work. The beads can be easily rotated around according to the bead colour required and dispensed by easily squeezing the button on the top of the pen. There are 6 different templates with multiple pictures on them including a mermaid, car, lion, flamingo, rocket and snail amongst other things.


After arranging the case with all the beads we placed the mermaid template on the layout table and set to work trying to recreate the image with the rainbow pen. The template easily slots into the holder and my daughter using the rainbow pen, set to work. The pen was quite tricky to use and will probably take some getting used to using but does have the advantage of holding multiple colours at a time so you’re not constantly having to pick beads out individually. However we did find that after dispensing the bead we were having to adjust the placement of it and maybe it is a little bulky for delicately placing the small beads on the template.

After making the creation it just requires being sprayed with water, leaving to dry and then lifting out of the templates which are all re-useable. The use of water to bond the creations is a really good feature as many similar ideas require the use of heat for example, so young children can fully make the Aquabeads craft items from start to finish without needing any adult help. Once bonded, the creations are surprisingly sturdy.


The large case means the set can all be kept together in one compact unit and even when turned upside down the beads didn’t move between compartments. The smaller case and rainbow pen means it is portable and can be taken along to keep little people entertained when visiting or eating out.

Overall a very versatile and fun craft set which will provide hours of enjoyment for your children allowing them to produce lots of lovely little pieces to keep.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £29.99 | Suitable age: 4 years +

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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