Slightly Fat Features in VarietySoup at the Leicester Square Theatre Review

VarietySoupPosterSlightly Fat Features in
Leicester Square Theatre

15-29 December 2014


Reviewed by Lorraine Attkins

I turned up at the Leicester Square Theatre last night not quite sure what I was expecting to see. I knew the show was a comedy of sorts but cannot emphasize enough what a great, thoroughly entertaining show it was! I laughed right from beginning to end and so did the rest of the audience. The atmosphere was highly charged. It was truly a delight to watch and be part of. A real enjoyable night out!

I’m pretty sure if someone had described the show to me beforehand, I would not have fully appreciated how truly comical it was. It is definitely a must see. Comedy cabaret for all ages.

Seven guys all with their own individuality and personal skills, kept the audience amused the whole way through with various acts of silliness, circus skills, mime, live music and wacky behaviour, performing stunts and antics. It was a real variety of slapstick, Tommy Cooper like, comedy fun. I loved the simplicity of it all, just like comedy used to be. From the faces they pulled, the bizarre costumes they wore, the crazy hairdo’s, the adlibbing when things didn’t go quite to plan and the unscripted antics thrown in for good measure, it all made for an amazing hysterical performance.

Credit: Robbie Jacks

Just like the acts you would see at the circus, VarietySoup consisted of daring escapes, acrobatics, tiger taming and many others, only in a very different way to any of these acts you have seen before with hilarious consequences.

The Leicester Square Theatre is a small venue in the heart of the West End a 2 minute walk from Leicester Square tube station. It’s an intimate venue with 400 seats in the main theatre and a smaller lounge room. It has 2 bars in the main theatre and very comfy cinema style seats. A great location for a night out in town without the crowds of people.

Slightly Fat Features
Credit: Luke Joyce

I simply cannot fault the show and I see great things ahead for this group of talented, crazy guys!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

VarietySoup is at the Leicester Square Theatre in London until 29 December 2014. For more information or to book tickets click here or call the box office on 08448 733433.

Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7BX | 08448 733433


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