Silence of Peace by John Levine Review

SilenceofPeaceSilence of Peace
John Levine


Reviewed by Louise Platt

I was invited to review Silence of Peace – a piece of Alpha Wave Music by composer and meditation master John B Levine.

For those unfamiliar with Alphamusic, it is essentially music for relaxation. It aims to induce the alpha brain waves which creates a state of calm and total relaxation.

The piece that I was asked to review is 20 minutes long and is appropriately named Silence of Peace. It is an entirely piano based composition and very echoey which creates a haunting effect. Unlike a lot of relaxation music I have heard in the past has no rhythm as such. It is incredibly gentle, very calming and soothing and the melody meanders along with no sense or urgency or purpose and at a wonderfully slow and unstructured pace.

I put this on and within less than a minute I felt calmer. For anyone able to find some time out of a busy lifestyle, this music along with the opportunity to close the eyes and focus on the breathing would create an almost instant sense of relaxation and peace.

My children are older now but I would definitely suggest playing this as background music for younger children especially those prone to tantrums as I do think it would help create a calm atmosphere within the home or school environment.

As a Reiki Practitioner I think this music would be perfect to use in the treatment room to enhance the healing effects.

Rating: 4/5

The Silence of Peace album is available in 3 formats: Home CD £15.99 (45 minutes), Therapist’s CD £28 (60 minutes – specially mixed and extended for therapists to provide alphamusic for one-hour treatments with 12-month public performance license to play during your treatment sessions on therapist request) and MP3 Version.

For more information or to buy visit www.silenceofmusic.com/shop/peace.html.

4 Star

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