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Screwball Scramble Review


Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I think I love playing games as much as my children and so when we had the opportunity to review Screwball Scramble I jumped at it.   Over the years we have been lucky enough to own a good few Tomy products which have tended to be very well made.  Screwball Scramble was no exception. The product arrived quickly and in perfect condition due to being well packaged.  I opened the box and removed its contents which were mostly assembled.  All I needed to do was fit the timer into place on the edge of the game.   The game is suitable for age 5 plus which I was delighted about as my twin sons are 8 years old.  I love the fact that this game is for 1 or more players.  So many games are for two or more players.   The colours of the game are bright and enticing.   The first time I played with this game both my sons were not actually at home.  I was hooked. It was great to turn or push the various dials at the bottom of the game and see what happened to the screwball. Having the screwball unexpectedly drop or do what you are not expecting it to do is all part of the fun.  It is a real of coordination skills as at one point I discovered that if I pressed a certain button too hard, the ball had a mind of its own.  After trying Screwball Scramble as a solo mission, I tried playing it with one of my twins.  He loved it so much and enjoyed both playing it alone and with myself.  We were in fits of giggles when the screwball acted in an unexpected manner.  This just added to the fun and made us more determined to complete the game.  I think that this toy is fantastic for fine motor skills and coordination.   My favourite part of the game is where the ball is picked up by a magnet and you then turn that part of the toy to place the screwball ready for its next adventure.  We found it hilarious that if you don’t keep the parallel bars in place the ball drops down.  I think that my little boy’s favourite part of the toy is the red tunnel system.  He played with that for ages.

After the trials and tribulations of doing the various challenges, you have to catapult the screwball against the bell and only then should you stop the clock.   Could we beat the clock?  Well, no but we had great fun trying. 

We absolutely loved this game.  It kept us amused for a good amount of time.   It is such good quality that I can see this being passed on for another child to enjoy at some point – if we can bear to part with it, that is!

I recommend Screwball Scramble.  I think that it would make an excellent gift for someone in your life and that adults can get just as much enjoyment out of it as children. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

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