No Mo-Unibrow Wax Kit Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

The battle of the eyebrows has been a prominent part of my life since my teenage years. After way too may trials and lots of painful (and sometimes embarrassing) errors. I think I’m on top of the eyebrow battle. I’ve explored all the eyebrow shapes, I’ve experienced the over-plucking eagerness and now at the ripe of age of (somewhere north of) 40. I think I may finally have it figured. BUT the threat of the unibrow is always looming if I take my eye off the mirror for more than a few days.

I have long since settled on a combined approach of tweezing and waxing but nothing beats the clean look that the wax strips gives you. So I was delighted to be able to try out the No Mo-Unibrow wax kit, as I’m always on the lookout for new and different approaches.

The kit was all contained in a pretty little neat looking tin, which in itself is quite unique. I often find myself buying large wax strips meant for other areas such as legs and cutting them down to the size needed. The kit contained: 12 double sided wax strips, a sachet of post-wax aloe cream, some ‘bonus’ tweezers and two sets of instructions. The first set was a handy little fold-up with 5 easy to follow steps outlined and the second a larger instruction leaflet with similar steps and a instructions in French…….

Luckily I had a good few days growth to test the strips on so decided to waste no time getting started. I was relieved to find that the instructions followed my own method of waxing and so I washed and cleaned the area with soap and was careful to make sure it was fully dry before proceeding. The wax strips are quite typical of other facial waxing strips in that the wax sits in the centre of the paper with a few millimetres space on each side. After years of waxing I do find this quite annoying as it can be hard to place the wax strips accurately in order to meet the natural hairline. However, they can be cut down to the edge of the wax, if needed. I rubbed the strip between my hands in order warm and soften the wax and pulled the two trips apart. Another thing I find startling is that for such a small area, this amount of wax strip is needed. One side would probably do the trick, so again it’s possible to cut the strips in half horizontally to save on waste.

Waxing the area was easy enough and the strips pulled out most of the hairs with a few more stubborn ones left behind. Luckily there is a pair of tweezers included in the pack. The tweezers included are just a mini-version. They are not very precise and don’t have much of a spring to them, so they will by no means be a substitute for a more precision pair but in an emergency would suffice.

I then followed the hair removal with an application of a small amount of aloe cream. This was nice and soothing, however, as this is contained within a sachet, it couldn’t be sealed up again and as such a small amount is needed this whole sachet could last and last if it was only sealable.

This set which is made by nomostache is pitched at being an ‘on-the-go’ hair removal system for a busy lifestyle that can be done in seconds. The set in itself lovely and compact. I find the wax strips as functional as any other wax strips, I don’t see how it’s any quicker and have never been in a situation where I need to ‘wax-on-the-go’. It is mobile and handy to pop in your bag when out and about. What I do think it’s good for is possibly as a starter kit for a teenager or as a travel set. The tin is lovely and so handy for keeping everything in, I usually find that when travelling I pack my wax strips in an envelope which can become a bit greasy in transit, so this would be a great replacement, but be sure to bring your own tweezers!

I’d recommend this as a starter set or travel kit. If you are one of those people who needs to wax when out and about this is the product for you!

Rating: 3/5

RRP: Ā£13.20

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