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Original Stomp Rocket Review


Reviewed by Paul Magnan

As a granddad of four children aged 2-8, I am always on the look out for toys and games for us all to enjoy.   I was therefore delighted to be offered the Original Stomp Rocket to review.  It arrived quickly and in perfect condition due to being so well packaged.  The box contained the following:

  • Stomp pad with hose
  • Launch pad
  • 3 Stomp rockets
  • Launch tube
  • Instructions

The instructions were easy to follow.  They were provided written in several different languages.  It was simple enough that I could have set up and launched the Stomp rocket just by looking at the box.   I would say that set up took less than 30 seconds.    I unravelled the hose, opened the launch pad inserted the launch tube, connected the hose to the launch pad and attached the Stomp Rocket to it.

Now at this point I have a confession to make.  We had had several wet days recently and the days I see my grandchildren did not coincide with nice weather.  I therefore took it upon myself to try out the Original Stomp rocket myself.    I went out to my back garden, gave the stomp pad a not forceful stomp and the stomp rocket went high up in the air past the level of the guttering on my house.  Lesson learned, when I do try this out with my grandchildren we will be going somewhere with more open space.   Whilst just myself has given this a go so far due to the poor weather conditions, I have no doubt that my grandchildren will have so much fun with it.   This toy is aimed at age 6 and above and so will be ideal for my almost 9 year old grandson.  I can imagine him having a good run up to the launch pad and stomping on it with force.   I am a massive fan of toys that do not need batteries and also of any toy that encourages physical activity.     This product can actually launch itself up to 400 feet up into the air.   This toy has a good educational value too.  The information on the box tells me that some teachers do use this product to teach children about things like trajectory, projection, force and motion. I must admit part of the fun was the anticipation of guessing the path the rocket would travel.

I would like to mention at this point how well made this product is. I love the combination of colours used for this product.   The yellow and red colours of the rocket are so striking when the rocket is whizzing up into the air.  It’s lightweight and compact enough that you could take it away on a family staycation.  Who actually needs the grandchildren to be there!  I as a 49 year old man had so much fun with it myself. The product fitted nicely back into its box after use.

This product is just one of the products in the Stomp Rocket range.   I would recommend this item and the Stomp Rocket range to others.   This toy would make a fantastic birthday or Christmas Gift for a child in your life.   I would actually love to receive this as a gift myself

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10.00

This product is available to buy from Halfords here.

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