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Scratch Map and Project X Ultimate Paracord Craft Kit Review


Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

Ever wondered how to document your travels that gives you instant information, location and memories all in one? Then what better way than to have a Luckies Rose Gold Edition Scratch Map.

We can all keep a diary, memorabilia from our trips, holidays, weekends away etc by popping them into a memory box and putting it in the loft, which, let’s be honest, tends to stay up there most of the time and forgotten about. Photographs are great and with a digital, not many people print them off and put them into an album or even have them printed into an album.

Luckies rose gold edition scratch map allows you to keep a tabs of your travels all in one place. It is a great and fun way to plan your trips too. For me, I think placing it under a console table with glass on top of it would make a stunning feature. Not only does it protect the map but It also allows you to lift the glass up and scratch away the areas as you go on your travels. Framing it would also look lovely, however, personally, it would be a lot of taking it up and down, as well as taking the back of the frame off, so on and so forth.

I have used other scratch maps in the past and they are not a match on this one. Luckies rose gold edition scratch map is of exceptionally high quality and a really lovely scratch map. The colour combinations are stunning too, making it very attractive and classy looking. What I really like about this scratch map is the beautiful and elegant grid system which is in gold, it really does shine and stands out from the matte card itself.

It is so very easy to scratch off the areas, all you need to use is a coin, which personally, I find is the best tool to use but do not rub too hard either as you could make dents in the map if you are not careful. It does suggest using an eraser but I did not find this very effective.

It is also a great educational tool to learn where all the countries are, especially if geography is not your forte. Makes it an awesome learning tool for anyone, especially children.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you start scratching off where you have been. There are some beautiful colours; lilacs, blues and peach and is accompanied by a stunning marble effect too which also gives it that extra touch of elegance, which I really like.


The map and paracord kit came in 2 separate parcels.

Within the paracord kit, there was a stunning hand written card which said the following, it was beautiful and such a lovely personal touch too:-

’Hi Michelle. We hope you enjoy the Luckies Scratch Map and our Paracord Craft Kit! Happy adventuring. Katie, George & Will’.

The map was rolled and placed into a very sturdy and beautiful box. Before the scratch map was rolled, tissue paper was placed on top of the map to protect it from any scratches or other possible damage. I liked this, a simple but effective thought to ensuring it didn’t get damaged.

The box it comes in is very elegant. As with the title name of the scratch map, it comes in a beautiful rose gold coloured box with gold writing. On the front of the box it has a lovely gift box message section where you can write the following details onto it which gives it a lovely personal touch, whether for yourself, as a couple, family etc and even more special if you are giving it as a gift to someone:-

Entitled ‘The travels of’:
Date of birth
Place of birth
Date of issue

The measurement details are as follows:-
82.5cm x 59.4cm
32.6in x 23.4in


It has copper foil on gloss paper
First Scratch Map with a marble finish
Love the fact that the map also includes capital cities
Capital Cities
National and State Boarders Details
Interactive travel log
Intricate map of the world
I love the fact that it is also made in the U.K.


Coloured foil

It is worth noting that the guidance states that it is not intended for children under 14. It also states that it is not a definite reference or educational tool. Product conforms to map guidelines in counter of origin.

Project X Ultimate Paracord Craft Kit

This kit is awesome and very exciting for the younger generation. The kit teaches you about paracord and even helps you to learn how to make a funky paracord bracelet, keyring person and lanyard. I decided to do this with my eldest grandson who’s 13, he loved every minutes. So refreshing to see him working with his hands as opposed to an iPad or iPhone. He spent hours with it and really got a buzz. It comes with a 14 page activity pack which can be downloaded free of charge here or can be found at:-

Project X Ultimate Paracord Craft Kit

Apparently; the kits have been put together using some of the companies favourite brands, including products they use with their own Scout Group and family on a regular basis. These kits are a great supplement to homeschooling, Scouts and Girl Guides.

Project X Ultimate Paracord Craft Kit AND WHAT IS INCLUDED WITH THE PACK?

1 x lanyard clip
50cm & 100cm lengths of paracord (joined together)

1 x Keyring
30cm & 40cm lengths of paracord

1 x Bracelet Clip
2 x 1.5 m lengths of paracord (joined together)

*Please note, that it does state on the website that colours and styles of the above products may vary. I received black, purple & teal and were very sturdy.

This kit is particularly great if anyone is in the scouts and it can help you work towards Scout Badges.
Skills Challenge
Camp Craft
Outdoor Challenge

Rating: 5/5

RRP: Scratch Map £19.90 Project X Ultimate Paracord Craft Kit £8

You can purchase these items from here

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