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Scrabble Lights Review

Reviewed by Emma Stubbs

Being a big Scrabble nerd, I was really excited to receive this product to review. The use of Scrabble tiles for homemade artwork and jewellery is becoming extremely popular, and I’m slightly worried the fad may be facing the same overkill as the ‘Keep Calm’ trend. However, these lights are a bit different and in my opinion fall on the right side of the quirky/tacky borderline.

The packaging is stylish and I would be happy to give this as a gift knowing it would look like I had spent a fair amount of money on it. Inside the box are a string of ten cream plastic tiles with a USB connector that links to a mains adaptor, and an assortment of the familiar Scrabble letters in sticker form so that you can personalise the lights. There should be enough of each letter for the vast majority of phrases, but it might be worth putting on the website how many of each letter there are to avoid disappointment. For example, if you wanted to spell the names ‘Ellie’ and ‘Alan’ you’d be upset to find there are only 2 ‘L’s in the pack.

There are ten lights in total, which means you really have to put your thinking cap on to think of a phrase that fits and looks good. Anything over ten characters is out; nine letter words aren’t great because a blank light at the end is going to look odd; one word with an odd number of letters means it won’t be symmetrical… in fact for a perfectionist it’s a word puzzle in itself figuring out what to do with the letters! ‘Merry Xmas’ will be on my mantelpiece from December 1st (‘ho ho ho’ is a no-go since there are only 2 ‘H’s!) and as suggested on the Firebox website, a bit of comedy swearing is surely a necessity.  Stickers that included the ‘triple word score’ square or the pink centre star would be a great addition.


The tiles are lightweight but still seem fairly robust, and the stickers claim to be re-usable and interchangeable and actually are. The cable is fairly long and can be placed on the left or right of the lights, but you are obviously still going to have that annoying wire visible in the majority of cases.

Overall, a really fun gift and a great talking point – I’m looking forward to thinking up more phrases to put up as the year goes on!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Firebox here.


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