Scarlet Underpants Meets The Tooth Fairy by Catherine Muir Review

Reviewed by Jill Wilson

Scarlet Underpants hates her name, well at least the underpants part,  she thinks it sounds silly. She a young girl, with an older sister called Maisie Daisie and a younger brother call J.J. She has no friends and is constantly teased about her name. After meeting a new friend in the treehouse at the bottom of her garden she soon finds happiness and comes to terms with her name and the meaning of it.

She also learns the meaning of true friendship how to deal with other children who are not nice and what happens to all those teeth the Tooth Fairy takes away.

This is a great book with a great story! My daughter and I cuddled up on the couch and read this this afternoon. She loved the name Scarlet Underpants and loved the beautifully illustrated pictures!

A wonderful story of acceptance, friendship and gratitude and of course the magical Tooth Fairy.

Rating: 5/5

Price: £5.99

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