Save money by shopping at ALDI Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I have always been a big fan of ALDI. I can cut £s off of my shopping bill each week. I recently managed to do around a 10 day shop for just £46.50 and was amazed.

I lived in Germany for a year whilst at university. ALDI made my food shops affordable back then and was the supermarket of choice out there for many of the other students on my course. I was therefore delighted when ALDI became so popular in the UK. These days, there are multiple ALDI stores within driving distance or a bus ride of my home. My mum kindly picked me up as I wanted to do a big shop. The whole trip took around an hour as my nearest ALDI store is around 5 mins bus ride/drive away.

I set myself a budget of £50 for around 10 days worth of shopping. Upon arriving in the car park, we were able to park easily. Upon entering the store we used a trolley coin to release a large trolley. Plenty were available. We then took a leisurely stroll round the store picking up any items on the shopping list I had prepared in advance.  Items on my shopping list included:

Italian hard cheese, Semi skimmed milk, 500g 5% fat beef mince, Medium whole chicken, Diced chicken, Smoked bacon, Passata, Tinned chopped tomatoes, Baked beans, 4 2L bottles of water, Peach no added sugar squash, Mixed chillis, Bananas, Salad tomatoes, Red grapes, Red onions, Mushy peas, Brown sauce, BBQ sauce, Turmeric, Yorkshire Puddings, Sage and onion stuffing, Snack eggs, 30% less fat cheese, Brown rice, Wholemeal pasta, Penne pasta, Bolognaise sauce, No added sugar jelly, Plain flour, Cornflour, Shortcrust pastry, White potatoes, Gravy, Stock cubes, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Eggs

On this trip to ALDI, I opted to buy ingredients to cook all meals from scratch. On previous occasions I have bought a number of meals priced at around £2 from their slimming meals range.

I am only part way through using the food I purchased.

Meals we have eaten so far include:

Chicken roast dinner
Penne Arrabbiata
Cheese on toast

Snacks include:

Snack eggs

Meals planned for the coming days include:

Chicken and mushroom pie, peas, mash and gravy
Spaghetti bolognaise
Chilli con carne with rice
Pasta with tomato and veg based pasta sauce
Eggs, bacon, beans and chips
Egg and mushroom omelette and veg
Chicken curry and rice

Whilst my freezer is currently full of frozen vegetables and I did not need to buy any on this shopping trip, ALDI offer a lovely range of reasonably priced frozen (and fresh) vegetables. If a special occasion is coming up, such as a birthday party, I will tend to buy any bits I need alongside my normal weekly shop and it tends to only raise the bill by around £10-20.

I love shopping at ALDI and know that whilst the prices are reasonable, the quality is excellent too. And don’t forget to check out their twice-weekly Specialbuys!

Rating: 5/5

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