Father’s Day Gifts for Men Who Groom Review

From on-trend to more traditional ideas

Reviewed by Kathryn Carr

Looking for a Father’s Day present for the ‘urban guy’ in your life? Perhaps the kids have gotten to the age where they want to buy their Dad something on-trend, not tack.

MooseHead hair products for men are designed with the modern man in mind. With bright yet slick packaging (embossed with antlers to signify dominance and distinction) they look edgier than many rival brands. If you’re buying for a man who takes pride in looking good, introduce him to Australia’s bestselling haircare range.

I had my other half try two of the four MooseHead styling products: the Gritty Styling Clay and the Shaping Dough. Each of the products has five dots on the lid. The more dots coloured in black, the stronger the product’s hold.

The gritty styling clay comes in an orange lidded pot with five black dots, indicating maximum hold. My ‘guinea pig’ confirmed that this product did indeed create a look that lasted the whole day. Made with real pumice giving it a grainy texture to help create a defined, chunky look, I wondered how this would look when applied. Happily, there was no evidence of any ‘sediment’ and the added beeswax seemed to ensure the promised matte finish as well as strong hold. My other half felt the grainy styling clay was best-suited to sticky up styles whilst the second pot he tested, MooseHead shaping dough was ideal for slicker, smoother looks.

Marked a 4 out of 5 in the holding stakes, the red potted shaping dough, like the clay (despite being rated slightly lower) held my man’s style for the duration. The dough is also at its best in thicker hair and is ideal for those who may need to remodel (if they’re going from work to social function or like my other half, need a quick fix after a game of hairdressers with their three-year-old daughter). I have natural curls and I scrunched this product in, to successfully smooth and shine my hair. Aimed at men, there’s no reason why these products couldn’t be unisex.

Both the styling clay and the shaping dough are true to the saying ‘less is more’, making them fantastic value for money. Both are worked into damp or dry hair by applying just a small amount to the palms and swerve that unfashionably nineties wet-look that hair gel can create. Both products also have a pleasant smell. The styling clay in particular has the ‘sand, sea, surf, suncream’ scent you might expect from an Australian export.

MooseHead definitely offer salon quality hair products at an affordable price.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £4.99

Available at Tesco, Waitrose independent pharmacies and Amazon.

Whilst I had my partner on board for a spot of product testing, I thought I’d get his opinion on a man’s fragrance I’d agreed to review.

‘Gold’ aftershave splash isn’t the kind of product I’d usually go for, for my 40-something other half and perhaps the fact that it was first launched in 1976 when he’d be yet to turn one, speaks volumes in to whom this fragrance might appeal.

‘Gold’ is a ‘heritage’ scent and is the kind of aftershave Dads may have indeed worn in the 70s. I’ve heard that such retro fragrances are being made fashionable by those a little younger than me and my other half, in a revival of trends; I guess in the same way that I’ve worn flares despite growing up a decade or so after their first appearance. Fashion is a funny thing.

‘Gold’ is a woody, slightly spicy scent. It has a warmth and a familiarly to it, despite me never having smelt it before. It’s pleasant and it lasts well. Just a splash will do. It’s also inexpensive, especially in the fragrance market.

Only you will know if it’ll be the perfect present for an older Dad or Grandad, or a younger hipster riding the vintage bandwagon. Perhaps you’re feeling sentimental and want to tap back into childhood memories or perhaps you want to create new ones with an ode to the past. Either way, at under £5 for a 100ml bottle, you can’t go wrong. Warm, practical and a treasured gem. Sound like a Dad you know?

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £3.95

Available to buy from


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