Rugs Direct Think Rugs Pink Owl Rug Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

I have said it before – we all love our homes to reflect what we love; they are an extension of us and it should be full of the little things that make us smile. Our homes are the only place that we can really kick back and relax, and they are the place we can feel the most comfortable, and I think it is important to remember that this applies not only to the adults in the house but also to the kids.

For the kids, their bedroom is especially important as it is the only room in the house where they keep their most special things – in our house they have a playroom downstairs where most of their toys are kept and where their friends play, and their bedroom is a more personal and relaxing space.

For the time being, the kids’ bedroom is painted white. This is a deliberate decision until they are able to agree on a colour-scheme, which is much easier said than done, and it means that they have pretty free reign when it comes to accessorising their space. They each have their own side of the room, which they can fill with the bits that they love, and for the most part, it is working out well. We are pretty much there with it now, and they have some lovely canvasses on the walls, have their own shelving units with their books and little collections on, and have even agreed on matching bedding which I think makes the room look tidier.

The one thing that we hadn’t yet got sorted was the floor – they have a nice, sensible and neutral carpet on the floor but it is a little… boring. Because the walls are so plain, I have tried to add nice big splashes of interest throughout the rest of the bedroom and the floor was just begging for some attention. Luckily for us, it recently received a lovely splash of interest courtesy of Rugs Direct.

We were asked to pick a rug for the girls’ room to try out and I have to say that we really struggled to pick one from the website. Not because there was nothing that we liked, but because there was far too much that we loved and it was a really difficult to narrow down our options to just one, but we got there in the end. Just like everything else in the room, the rug managed to reflect a little bit of each of the kids – my youngest loves all things pink and my eldest is a massive owl fan, so the pink Think Kids Owl rug delighted them both.

We ordered the rug on the Tuesday and it arrived on the Wednesday, well packaged in high-quality, waterproof packaging. We opened the packaging and unrolled the rug onto the kids’ bedroom floor, and we were both immediately impressed by the obvious quality of the rug. The pattern on it is absolutely stunning and perfect for any little girl’s bedroom with owls, flowers and little treehouses depicted on a crooked looking ladder.

At 140cm x 70cm, this rug is the perfect size for their bedroom, and I think would be ideal for either a long, narrow room or for having right next to the bed and would be feel wonderful to step out of bed on to. The colours are really lovely and fitted perfectly with the bedding they have, but the most impressive part is the feeling of the rug under-foot.

Lots of children’s rugs have more of a mat feel, and the picture seems to be printed on to the top. Not so with this one, which is constructed just like a proper, traditional rug and is well over half an inch thick. It is 100% acrylic which will make it more durable, especially in a child’s room, as the material is more forgiving to spills and cleaning solutions than a wool one would be.

The rug has now been down in the kids’ room for several days and it feels as luxurious and thick as the day we put it down. The rug hasn’t shed at all, in spite of being vacuumed by our super-suction vacuum cleaner and it hasn’t left any little balls of fluff on the carpet. The girls love how it looks on the floor, and even use the ladder to ‘climb’ up to their beds, which are apparently now in the sky at the top of the treehouse.

It is a lovely touch for a shared bedroom to have something that reflects both of them so nicely and especially as it is clearly such a high quality piece that will last for an awful long time – probably well beyond when the kids have actually grown out of funky patterns like this one! It was sat on their bedroom floor within 24 hours of ordering, adding a lovely sense of style and quirkiness to the room and we are all absolutely over the moon with it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £69.99

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