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Room To Grow Book Box Review

Reviewed by David Savage

We love books in our house, the children have hundreds (as do I), and storing them all can be a bit of a pain. The children have a small child-sized bookcase in their bedroom that houses a lot of the books but as we are always getting more, we always need more storage.

We were recently sent a portable book box from Room To Grow for review. We received ours in white wood (also available in natural wood), which is great as it fits the colour of their bedroom furniture.

The Tidy Books Box is a quite large book box with compartments and a carry handle. It measures H34cm x W54cm x D28cm and is finished really well with rounded corners. It is handmade from sustainable limewood with no MDF and finished in water lacquer which is safe and virtually odour free. It can hold up to 40 books of different shapes and sizes, which is good as the boys have lots of large picture books. At one end it features a play clock (to help encourage children to learn to tell the time), which can be removed by an adult (it is fixed on with a screw, so children can’t remove it at will).

It arrived flat-packed and took approx. 15-20 minutes to assemble (including reading the instructions and twin boys interested in what was going on).

Once we had finished building it we filled one side with some of their favourite books and the other with some of their colouring books and phonics workbooks. They love that the box is about the right size for them and can easily see what books are in the box. Although it is portable, the box is quite heavy without books inside so the children can’t carry it themselves (although they do seem to do a good job of dragging it across the carpet!), so adult help is required if moving it.

Overall, the boys love this book box. It is a great height for them. They can easily have access to their favourite books. It is well-made and looks great and is easily portable for an adult, so we can take it from their bedroom to the living room when required (as it has educational books on one side it is easier to bring the box than remove lots of books when they are sitting in the living room working).

As I mentioned earlier, the boys drag it across their room and the box have proved to be very durable and excellent quality.

Initially my only negative was the price! So, while I was very dubious of the £79 price tag, I now think that overall it is probably worth it as it is extremely well-made, went together easily, is clearly standing up to the attention of 5-year-old twin boys and holds a fair number of books (although at the rate we are getting new books we are now in need of another bookcase).

A good looking, child-friendly book box where children can store their favourites and hopefully encourage them to read more.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £79

For more information or to buy visit www.roomtogrow.co.uk.

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