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rijo42 Uno Capsule Coffee Machine Review

Reviewed by Dorothy White

I love coffee so I was very excited when I was told I would be receiving the rijo42 Coffee Machine to review, but when the delivery driver handed me a huge box I was extremely concerned as it sounded suspiciously rattly.

I couldn’t wait to unpack this machine, but unfortunately, as I feared there were breakages. The large cups were completely smashed and only one small cup remained minus its handle. Not a good start. Luckily the coffee machine itself was unscathed.

The rijo42 Uno Capsule Coffee Machine is very compact and sits neatly on the worktop. This coffee machine gift pack comes complete with two large and two small cups and saucers. Two boxes of coffee capsules and a separate milk heater/frother are also included. I couldn’t wait to read the instructions and get started.

I filled the tank which sits behind the machine with cold water and inserted a red capsule. The water tank holds a litre of cold water so it will do several cups of coffee. Did I have any cups which would fit so I could make coffee? As I use mostly mugs this was a challenge, but I found one that would sort of fit if I held it in place and pressed the button on the front of the machine. The on off button is right at the back on the side of the machine so not easily reached by little children. Very soon my kitchen was filled with a fabulous aroma of coffee. I had to turn the machine off manually to stop the flow of coffee.

The used capsule was easily removed by lifting the silver handle to allow it to fall into the waste capsule container so there was no mess.

This machine is so easy to use and clean which together with its compact size makes it ideal for everyday use. It sits neatly at the back of my worktop, and being white fits in really well.

This rijo42 is a really great machine for coffee lovers.  It is so easy to use.  So much is included with the machine it makes it excellent value.

I can thoroughly recommend this machine.  It looks good and makes excellent, great tasting coffee.


Gift pack includes:
rijo42 Uno Capsule Coffee Machine
rijo42 Milk Frother
1 x rijo42 Red Coffee Capsules
1 x rijo42 Black Coffee Capsules
2 x rijo42 Espresso Cup & Saucer
2 x rijo42 Cappuccino Cup & Saucer

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £198 (Gift Pack), £118.80 (rijo42 Uno Capsule Coffee Machine)

For more information or to buy visit www.rijo42shop.co.uk.


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