Harvester The Kings Arms Barnet Review

Reviewed by Dorothy White

I used to love the Harvester and was a regular visitor to my local one until they closed it. The much larger one they opened was much more difficult to get to.

Today we were invited to review Harvester The Kings Arms in Barnet and a booking was made for lunchtime for myself, my daughter and 12 year old granddaughter.

My daughter volunteered to drive as we had to go down the dreaded M1! The route looked simple enough, it was just off the A1. She set the satnav and off we went, except we couldn’t get the satnav to come up with Stirling Way, Barnet.

We ended up arriving at the Harvester feeling very fraught as we had got lost in the centre of Barnet and were put on the right road by a very helpful DPD driver whilst waiting at some red lights. The journey had taken twice as long as it should have done.

We were seated by the window, but unfortunately a boy aged about 3 on the table next to us kept shrieking and screaming, so we were moved to a table on the opposite side of the restaurant.

Our order was taken and off we went to the salad bar, my favourite part of a Harvester meal. There was a really good selection, all my old favourites as well as gherkins, red cabbage pickled onions and of course the croutons, although I would have loved to see more red onion instead of the mostly white. The bread rolls and butter were still there.

There was also a soft drinks machine with a good selection of flavours where you could refill your glass as many times as you liked. Strawberry lemonade proved popular with my granddaughter.

My breaded mushrooms arrived served on a bed of lettuce, they were too greasy for my taste and I could only manage a couple. My daughter had Crispy Coated Chicken Bites which she really enjoyed. My granddaughter also had breaded mushrooms which she blotted with serviettes then enjoyed them with ketchup.

For mains I had Chargrilled Chicken Breast with chips and a Kickin’ Garlic & Chilli sauce, wow, it certainly made my eyes water! I was offered a large portion of chips with my meal but decided to stick with the smaller portion. The chicken breast was delicious and moist. I had asked my daughter to add scampi on to her rump steak order for me, but I didn’t get the chance to ask for tartar sauce to go with the scampi until quite well into the meal. I could not finish the chips even though I had chosen the smaller size. Condiments were provided in a box on each table.

My daughter really enjoyed her 6oz Rump Steak, cooked medium well with Creamy Peppercorn Sauce, she said it was delicious, and found it sufficient for her after the chicken starter and salad. She could not finish the chips.

My granddaughter chose a 7oz Gammon Steak minus the pineapple and fried egg and tucked in heartily despite the breaded mushroom started and all the salad! Even she could not finish all the chips and baked beans she had chosen to go with it.

For desserts my daughter used to love Rocky Horror at the Harvester but swears they have changed it, she still enjoyed it regardless. I went for Ice Cream with Belgium Chocolate Sauce but asked if I could try a little Devon Cream Toffee Sauce as well.

My granddaughter requested a Fruitpot Jelly which she had served with smarties which usually are normally served with the ice-cream!!

All the staff we met were really lovely and welcoming and Sonny our waiter was so obliging ~ jelly and smarties???

I am not so sure about the tight light blue denim jeans for uniform though.

The restaurant was very spacious and was set apart from the bar area, and considering it was ‘cash only’ (due to a system crash on that day) at the time we visited was very busy.

The salad bar was in a large open area so there was no squeezing past each other to get to the food, as was the drinks dispenser.

I love the Harvester because of being able to visit the salad bar as many times as you like, I love the variety of dressings.

I can thoroughly recommend this Harvester.  They also offer a special Early Bird Menu from £4.99 but neither my chicken breast or my daughter’s 6oz rump steak from the main menu were expensive. I love the fact that they offer far more choice than they used to. Just don’t rely on a car satnav to find it easily!!

Rating: 5/5

For more information, to view menus or to book a table visit:

Harvester The Kings Arms, Stirling Corner, Barnet, Greater London, EN5 3JG | 020 8441 9696


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