Revell X-ray Giraffe Review


Revell X-ray Giraffe

Reviewed by Becky Linsell

We received this X-ray Giraffe model kit from Revell.

Nicely packaged.  Although lots of plastic in the packaging.  You can however see the product well in the packaging and the sturdiness of the packaging means that there is little chance of damage to any of the parts.

Easy to open and also easy to leave all the bits in the package while building – so you can see all of the bits.

A model giraffe – which shows the insides of the giraffe on the one side.  Well made and the parts fit together easily demonstrating the quality of the model.

The product is aimed for aged eight plus, my son started doing this on his own (aged 8) and he found the instructions difficult to follow on his own.  Together we managed it with ease – following the pictures which showed the steps of how it all fitted together.  We now have a lovely model of a giraffe.

My son and I enjoyed putting this model together, although it did not take very long at all – about fifteen minutes. The RRP of this model is £26.99. It is well made, nicely packaged and makes a nice model.  However it did not take us very long to make it and I cannot help feel   that it is quite expensive and not the best value for money as something to entertain your kids. 

I have reduced my overall rating purely on the price of the model.  It is however educational and interesting seeing the insides of a giraffe and putting them together.

If you are someone who loves giraffes or anatomy – I can quite see that you would be absolutely delighted with this product and would think it was good value.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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