Revell Control Helicopter Prion Review


Revell Control
Helicopter Prion
2.4Ghz Radio Control

Reviewed by David Savage

This remote control model helicopter is absolutely brilliant. Measuring about 18.5cm by 10cm it is small and very light.

On opening the box I found:

1x Remote Control Helicopter (blue and white)
1x Remote Control Handset
4x Spare Rotor Blades
1x Small Screwdriver (in case you need to change the blades)
1x USB Charging Cable
6x Batteries
1x Manual

Once taking out of the box and charging from the USB port on my PC (can also be charged from batteries using the controller handset) and installing the 6 batteries (supplied) needed into the handset it was ready to fly, no setting up required so is perfect for beginners.

I first tried flying this indoors to try and get used to the controls but make sure you have plenty of room and don’t go too fast as I found I kept crashing into things very fast. I found it very easy to lift the helicopter up into the air and hoover but it takes a bit more practice to be able to manoeuvre the helicopter. If like me you are just beginning be prepared for plenty of crash landings.

Overall, I found this to be a very well designed and easy to use product, it takes a bit of practice (at least for me) to get used to how to fly it rather than just taking it off the ground vertically but is lots of fun. Now that I am getting better controlling it I have ventured out of the house into the garden and haven’t managed to lose it yet. It has a 100 metre range with 10 minutes of flying time before you need to let it cool down and recharge.  It can be charged from your PC USB port but if while out and about it can be charged from the controller unit which I think is a great feature.

Even though it is very lightweight and I have crashed it into walls and the ground on more than one occasion it has not broken and is still working so is good quality and for the amount of time I have used it represents good value money.

Highly recommend.

Rating: 5/5

Suitable for beginner aged 15 years or over.

Revell control models are available from all good toy and model stores. To read more about these fab helicopters visit

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