Remington Durablade Manchester United Edition Review

Facial Hair Groomer

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

I am a massive Manchester United fan and have been for many years. I was therefore delighted to get the opportunity of reviewing a Remington Durablade Facial Hair Groomer, Manchester United Edition.  

The product arrived well packaged and was in perfect condition. The packaging looks inviting and appealing yet is also very informative.   

The colours of the Durablade could not be more perfect, in red and black with the Manchester United crest. It is comfortable to hold and not too cumbersome. It is also clearly manufactured from high quality materials and built to last.

Upon referring to the Remington website I read that the blade has been designed to last for the lifetime of the product (5 years). This will save me so much time spent replacing blades and money. I think that 5 years is a generous lifetime and makes the £49.99 RRP excellent value for money. In fact, split out over 5 years the cost of this item would work out at less than £10 per year. 

I love the hybrid design of this groomer. It’s waterproof and you can use it either with or without shaving foam. The grip has been designed to be anti-slip and it works very well with that regard. Charge time is minimal, just 4 hours and the 60 minutes you get from one charge is plenty. This and the fact that the Durablade is so compact in size makes the Durablade perfect for travel. The device comes with its own storage pouch and a USB charge cable and adapter. It also comes with 4 combs so that you can choose the exact length you want. I myself prefer a clean shaven look, but if designer stubble, a goatie or full length beard is your preference then this is possible too. The Durablade feels nice against my skin when in use and is easy and effective when put to use.

Some of the other features of the product are:

  • 3.5mm blade
  • Cordless
  • Charging LED indicator
  • 5 year guarantee – plus one extra year when you register the product online
  • Trim, shave and style any length of hair
  • Manchester United Official Product

I think that this product would be perfect as an Easter gift idea as an alternative to a traditional chocolate gift or as a Father’s Day gift idea. I love practical gifts as they are useful in the many years to come. That said, this item looks fantastic so it has more than just a practical purpose for me. I would buy this as a gift for someone as I like it so much myself. This product definitely makes day to day life easier and that is always a good thing.

I did have a good look at the other products within Remington’s Manchester United range. Other items on my wish list are the Heritage Foil Shaver Manchester United Edition (RRP £89.99) as I love it’s simple, retro look and the Quickcut Hair Clipper Manchester United Edition (RRP £39.99). This would save me so much time and money. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49.99

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