Red Castle Cocobag Swaddle Bag Review

CocoBagCocobag Swaddle Bag

Reviewed by Sarah Bowyer

As soon as I pulled the Cocobag Swaddle bag from Red Castle out of the packaging it was immediately apparent that this product was of high quality.

The quilted Fleur de Coton fabric was thick and ultra-soft. The quality of this fabric is outstanding, it really is a luxurious swaddle bag that I am extremely happy to put my baby in.

The fabric is flexible as well as being thick which allows baby to kick about without being restricted. The Cocobag Swaddle bag is a sleeping bag but different to traditional baby sleeping bags, as instead of arm holes or sleeves the swaddle bag is held in place by a large elasticated waistband. The waistband sits underneath baby’s armpits so their arms are free. The elastic isn’t too tight, but I feel it comforts my baby when he sleeps.

Attached to the waistband is the beautiful quilted Fleur de Coton fabric sleeping bag which keeps baby’s legs snug and warm. This has a zip along the bottom edge which gives easy access for midnight nappy changes, this handy zip means there is less discomfort as I am not pulling blankets off and making my baby cold unnecessarily.

This swaddle bag is a brilliant way of keeping my wriggly baby warm through the night without any of the fabric bunching up. It also gives me piece of mind that he won’t be able to kick any loose covers over his head.

Another great point is that baby cant slide down in to the swaddle bag as the waistband is underneath the armpits, so there is no messing about making sure the swaddle bag is not too big for baby.

I had been struggling with my little man kicking his covers off through the night for a while and thus getting cold and therefore waking himself up. It would then be a battle to try and get him back off to sleep.

I have been using the swaddle bag for the past five nights and my baby has started sleeping peacefully through the night with fewer interruptions – thankfully! This is not only beneficial for him (less cranky wake up calls!) but also for me.

The swaddle bag has now become part of our night time routine. I only hope that by the time my baby has outgrown the swaddle bag they have produced a larger size as this is only designed for young babies.

I washed the swaddle bag as per the instructions which were on the inside of the bag. They were symbol only but easy enough to see and follow.

It was easy to wash and once pulled back in to shape, dried well. Unfortunately the swaddle bag isn’t suitable for use in a tumble dryer which would have made drying it a lot quicker and easier. However, the swaddle bag isn’t worn high enough to be soiled by dribbles or sick.

The only thing I struggled with was that the instructions on how to use the swaddle bag are in French. This made knowing how many blankets to use difficult as there is nowhere that tells you what tog rating it is. Although after checking on my baby once or twice through the night I established he was comfortable with only one blanket over him.

I love this swaddle bag and would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially to parents whose baby kicks their blankets off.

I give this swaddle bag a 5 out of 5. It is a lovely item that I am happy to have my baby sleep in.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £24.95

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