Re-Take That – The Sing-a-long at the Grove Theatre Dunstable Review

20 September 2019

Re-Take That

Reviewed by Amanda Browne

I’m going to confess that I offered to review Re-Take That The Sing-a-long because my other half loves Take That, well love might be a bit strong but we did pay £300 to see the actual Take That at the O2 not so long ago. So, we arrived at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable just after seven, the Box Office were super-efficient, as ever. Parking was plentiful behind the theatre. The bar not so, it’s such a shame, as they just are short staffed. I had come straight from work, I just wanted a drink, management really do need to sort this out. Waiting 20 minutes really isn’t on. we took to our seats, not a sell-out crowd, but not far from it. In the main, the crowd was middle aged, I watched many a fellow lady hoist her jeans up whilst dancing away!

I am going to be really honest and let you know straight off that this is one of the best tribute bands we have seen. I really did go with a made-up mind that it was “Take That… I have seen the real thing they aren’t that impressive.” WRONG. These lads are flipping amazing! From the opening number, we were all up on our feet. ‘Gary Barlow’, was the real deal in Dunstable last night? Sounded like it, I think every person in the audience was hooked from the moment he sang the first note. These lads are the best act we have seen in quite some time.

They really do look the part and the backdrop, part words to the songs, part Take That footage makes for an interesting addition to the show. Of course, the show is the lads, Gary, Mark and Howard. They all can sing that’s for sure, more than sing. I was on my feet from song two, a show full of hits, I couldn’t tell you which ones. They for sure sang them all, and in no time at all it was the interval.

As if the show couldn’t get any better out came Robbie, well now you’re talking, Robbie is in the house. We were putty in his hands. Robbie in Dunstable on a Friday night, what more could a girl ask for. He more than strutted his stuff. Robbie stoke the limelight for at least 20 minutes.

Just when you thought you’d died and gone to heaven; all four lads came out and belted out the rest of the hits you thought you were missing. This is a professional show, I can’t believe we paid £300 to see Take That when a show like this play in our backyard. Ask anyone there, the whole show from start to finish was bloody amazing, I really didn’t want it to end. Far too often we don’t support acts performing week in week out, around the country, I most definitely would watch these guys again. I haven’t had such an enjoyable Friday evening for quite some time, could it be magic … I reckon it was. I loved it, you had to be there, an amazing night out you really couldn’t have asked for more. Re-Take That you for sure re-lit my fire. I would highly recommend this show. Loved ya lads, we will most definitely come see you again!

Rating: 5/5

Re-Take That are currently on tour around the UK, for more information and tour dates visit

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