Rally of the Giants at Blenheim Palace Review

aBLENHEIM_CLASSIC_CARS_PRE_315-smallRally of the Giants
Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

25-26 July 2015

Reviewed by Helen Whetton

Nothing was going to stop us from going to see the Rally of the Giants at Blenheim Palace, not even the British Summer!, so with our wellies and rain coats we set off. As we drove through the gates and up the drive there was a WOW from the backseat, and that is pretty much how the day went.

When we arrived we were greeted by very polite and knowledgeable staff who showed us to parking, we found there to be plenty of outside staff around to help. If you were disabled or not so good on your feet there were little shuttle carts to take you up to the rally.

You couldn’t have found a more beautiful, historic place to hold the Rally of the Giants. It was a pretty good show of cars despite the persistent rain. I had constant flash backs to classic American mobster movies (I kept expecting someone to open a violin case and pull out a tommy gun). If you are a classic car enthusiast this is a rally not to be missed. There were plenty of  V8’s, polished chrome and some huge superchargers, all with proud owners who were more than willing to show you around their cars and tell you there pedigree.

The show was set up into separate categories of cars such as classic, prohibition,30’s, 40s right up to present day muscle cars. Each car entered the parade ring to be judged best in its class. My favourite was a beautiful black immaculate Buick owned by a gentleman dressed in a black pinstriped suit, trilby and two tone brogues to match, a grown up Bugsy Malone.

The show seemed well organised plenty of amenities and vendors, selling everything from cider to chamois leathers and alloy wheels to Americano coffee, the hot beverage prices were average but we felt that the hot food/snacks were a bit on the expensive side (£4.00 for 6 small ring donuts). The weather tried its hardest to dampen our spirits but failed.

We could not come to Blenheim Palace without having a look around, the sheer beauty and history of the building is too much of a draw .The Palace is fantastic value for money and in the sunshine there is plenty to do for the whole family, from historic tours of the house, to looking around the beautiful grounds and gardens, and if your parents get to annoying you can always lose them in the maze. We were surprised at the prices in the café and the shop nothing was hiked up because of the location, there are even pocket money toys for the children. All of the staff inside were extremely knowledgeable, very polite and extremely helpful. Half way around the Palace our daughter pipes up “this is what my homework is on”, a lucky day out for us. In the old stables there is a short film about the house and some interactive activity’s, we had great fun dressing up and failing to use stilts.

Blenheim Palace has a variety of special events throughout the year, I urge everyone to go to at least one or just go and visit the Palace and Gardens its more than worth it.

Would I go Rally of the Giants again… Yes, if the weather was better. I would rate it 3 out 5, this mark reflects food and drink prices on the rally field and not the weather.

Would I visit Blenheim Palace again… Yes unquestionably. Definitely 5 out of 5, it was a fantastic family day out.

Rating: 4/5

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Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1PP

4 Star

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