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Prometheus Board Game Review


Reviewed by Sandip

As a young boy my husband learnt to play chess with this grandad and has since tried to teach our kids, 10 and 7 but not with a lot of success. When we were given the opportunity to receive and review a game called Prometheus, we jumped at the chance. Prometheus is a relatively new game invented by a British teacher called Christopher Curtis who lives in the west-country in England. The game is designed with all ages in mind and uses similar skills to chess but in a quicker easier fashion that is more appealing to people who haven’t quite grasped chess nor have the time for a long drawn out chess game. Each game lasts around 20ish minutes or so.

There are three different versions of the Prometheus board game. They are all the same game, but the difference is the material the board and pieces are made out of. There is the Prometheus, The Game De Luxe Edition version which is a very high end looking version that has gold and black zinc and aluminium alloy metal pieces that are played on a metallic board game under which there is a storage space to keep all the pieces in. This would be great for taking away on trips and holidays but given the look of it, it would also look great on a shelf in your home. The next version is the Prometheus, The Game Colour De Luxe Edition. This one has a clear Perspex board in either neon green or neon orange. The green board has green and black pieces, whereas the orange board has orange and black pieces. Both De Luxe boards are curved boards in a concave-convex fashion.

The version that we have is the more mainstream affordable version. The board is a square chess like looking board that feels like a standard thick cardboard board game. The gold and black game pieces are smooth, well made and light, but unfortunately, they felt a little cheap considering the game is around £35. It would have been nice to have more solid pieces, potentially made of wood, however I believe they are made of recycled plastic which is great. The box also contains 2 bags to store the pieces in which is nice.

In terms of the game itself, all 4 of us, including my 10 and 7 year olds kids picked it up very quickly and wanted to play quite a few games in a row. I think this will be a great rainy day game, which we have quite a lot of in the UK, and it’s a great introduction to chess.

The pieces are in 4 shapes and the individual shape dictates how many moves the piece can make on the board, generally speaking, the number of vertices equals the number of moves. The cubes can move up to 8 places, the square based pyramids can move 5 places, the tetrahedrons can move up to 4 places, and the spheres do not move. The main object of the game is to capture the other player’s sphere, before they capture yours.

It’s a great game, perhaps priced a little high for what it is but nevertheless, it is an enjoyable game that all of us, kids and adults enjoyed playing. I can definitely see this being a game that we will play over Christmas with family and friends. Plus it’s nice to have a new game that does not need batteries, an app or any screen time. It’s just as board games should be.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £34.95

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