Proactive + Introductory Core Kit Review

ProactivPlusProactive +
Introductory Core Kit

For Spot Prone Skin

Reviewed by Emma Booth

I received my box of Proactive + for spot prone skin and couldn’t wait to start using it as I suffer with spots and find it hard to find something that works.

This is a 3 step approach:

Step 1 – being a skin smoothing exfoliator that you use twice a day this left my skin feeling lovely and smooth and a real clean feeling.

Step 2 – is the pore targeting treatment that you rub in once your face is completely dry after step one and after this is fully absorbed you move on to step 3.

Step 3 – is the complexion perfecting hydrator, it doesn’t explain what each step is supposed to do very clearly as this is on the side of the box and I nearly missed this information but after all this it definitely leaves a clean and clear and less greasy feel to your skin it does take a little bit of time waiting for the creams to fully absorbed and dry but hopefully worth the wait.

It doesn’t say how long you have to use it before you see results so after only 4 days of using it I’m not expecting to see any major improvements. There is no smell to these creams which I find quite nice as some creams have an odd smell to them, this also comes with a purifying mask that you leave on for 10 minutes before washing off. This is a nice refreshing treatment, I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their skin I’m looking forward to seeing the results it’s all easy to use and the steps clearly marked so you can’t get confused.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99 (special introductory offer for a limited time only).

Available to buy from Proactiv + here.

4 Star

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