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Reviewed by Hannah Abbott

My Polagram adventure started with a simple Google search because I didn’t know the web address, I found it simple but was a little sceptical when I initially looked at the site and discovered that I had to download an app for my phone before I had any more information. Knowing that it was all about photos I proceeded to download the app free of charge. At this stage all scepticism left me – fantastic, taking photos directly from my phone/Facebook at my request ready for me to order for delivery as either photos or another photographic gift.

I ordered 20 photo prints. Doing this was easy, although the page never quite appeared right on my Samsung S3 Mini. The bottom part of the text was cut off and all I know is ‘Dispatched the next day, Monday to Friday’. I can see that there is more text but I don’t know what it says and never managed to find out what it says.

In some senses choosing my photos with a sleepy toddler by my side was a mistake but at the same time it was really easy to stop what I was doing and come back to it. I could add the photos to my basket and just start again later. The only thing that would make it better is if it remembered how many photos were added to the basket previously or which were already in your basket as I duplicated and had to keep going back and forth to remove/add more.

I also ordered a photobook with 26 pictures. I chose to use all the photos of my son’s ‘firsts’ from his first couple of years so his first hospital photo all the way to his first time on a bike. It was difficult selecting all of his firsts and it was a little frustrating that because I was taking the photos from different areas like Facebook and my phone it was tough knowing that I had 26 photos, it turned out that I never had all of the photos that I wanted because some were on my partner’s Facebook and some were on his phone so he sent them to my phone. Unfortunately, I had to come out of the photobook section of the app in order to get the photo folders to update – this meant all my hard work was lost as it never remembered the photos I had already selected and I wasn’t sure how to make it remember.

I placed my order on the Friday, the following Wednesday I received an email advising that delivery was expected somewhere between the following Monday – Thursday. It arrived on the Friday BEFORE it was expected – perfect!

The photo prints were high quality and presented in a nice bright envelope wishing me a Happy New Year which I thought was a nice touch. I did wonder what the normal envelopes were but this was a lovely presentation.

My photobook was shrinkwrapped with a card (the size of a business card) loosely inside the wrapping. “You can’t buy happiness but you can open this photobook and that’s kind of the same thing”. Again this is a lovely touch from the lovely people at Polagram. I never initially noticed that on the back of this card is a little joke, felt a little Christmas Crackery but it made me smile and I’m sure that was their intention. The photobook was hard backed with the title written down the spine and on the front cover. The front cover also had 9 of my original photos that I was able to keep shuffling until I liked the placement and the photo choices.

Unfortunately, there was one of my photos that didn’t develop as planned in my photobook but this was down to my lack of knowledge not down to Polagram. There was a reflection on my son’s face from the television which on the printed photo looks like a blue smudge. Not the end of the world but a little disappointing but it was clear what it was when I re-looked at our original photo what it was.

A few enhancements that I would love Polagram to include in their app for creating a photobook:

  • The ability to choose from a few different fonts for the title font
  • The ability to select which photos go on the front and manually place them for those who have more of an idea of what they want or alternatively the ability to choose one large photo for the front page because with limited photos within the book you are showing a large proportion without the need to even open the book.
  • The ability to have text on each page, as my photos were all sequenced for a particular reason it would have been nice to have a line of text underneath for me to write something like the date or ‘First car journey on the way home from the hospital’ to anyone looking at the photos without me or my partner they may not recognise all of the photos.

Overall this was fantastic service, a great product and friendly staff from when I communicated via email with them. A few things could enhance the product but the quality was of a high standard.

I would rate this 4/5 – but this was because I had a few things that I wished I could have done.

26 pages / 26 photos. Hard cover 21x21cm (8×8″), high quality paper.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.90

For more information and to download the app visit www.polagr.am.

Find Polagram on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

4 Star

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