Haito Professional Hairdryer Shoes Design Review

Reviewed by Cath Ford

Well I shan’t beat about the bush, I love this product! If you had told me I was going to get excited about a hairdryer I would have laughed because as far as I’ve been concerned they are all much of a muchness and so long as your hair gets from wet to dry, they have done their job right?

Wrong, but then I’ve never used a professional hairdryer at home before. The Haito Professional Hairdryer is priced at around £45 and worth every single penny in my book.

The hairdryer arrived in a reasonable study box, packaged efficiently – and that coupled with the attractive design make me realise I was going to enjoy this review. I immediately loved the look of it. It would never have occurred to me to have anything other than a black hairdryer, in truth I think that’s all I ever have had! While the Haito feels nice and substantial in your hand it looks so pretty with the shoe print, let’s face it there is something brilliantly girly about a hairdryer covered in pictures of shoes!

I have long fairly fine hair, and it tends to get a bit flyaway when I blow dry it so recently I’ve been leaving it and wearing it up because I just don’t have time to faff about. However the design of the Haito made me want to take my time and so armed with a selection of round brushes I set out to discover what it could offer me.

I loved the results I achieved on my hair, and will be spending much more time on it in future with the Haito which has a range of settings to soothe a style out of even the most untameable hair. As I said mine is very fine and often doesn’t sit well after blow drying, but I found a combination of the lower power and a cool shot to finish really helped me achieve a smooth and sleek result. I also persuaded my 8 year old son to let me blow dry his hair, which he agreed to and his opinion was that it was ‘quick and quiet and it doesn’t get too hot’. I have to say though, apart from the design, my favourite feature was the 3 meter cord which gives a great deal of flexibility for moving about so you’re not chained to the same spot in front of the mirror.

The Haito professional hairdryer features not just a powerful 2000watt AC Motor but also:

  • Airflow: 61 m3hr.
  • 3 heat and 2 speed settings.
  • Supplied with matching nozzle for precision styling.
  • Cool shot button.
  • Rocker switches.
  • 3 meter cable.
  • Removable air filter for easy cleaning.

Available in Black, Ladybird, Purple Hands, Black Hands, Tiger Print, Snow Leopard Print and Shoes.

I would recommend this product wholeheartedly and it would make a great gift.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £44.50

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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