Pleasure Beach Blackpool (September 2012) Review


Pleasure Beach

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I had twin boys 9 weeks ago and have been hoping for a family day out but hadn’t felt well enough until today. What a fantastic first family outing since having the boys it was. We arrived at the Pleasure Beach and quickly found a pay and display parking space. It was a very reasonable £7.50 for the day. We walked to the entrance and collected our wristbands from the Casino building. We then went through tight security controls before entering.  Because it was a busy, hot day we opted to buy a standard Speedy Pass which proved useful in maximising the number of rides we got on that day. Because we had the baby boys with us, just 2 of us could get on rides at a time so a Speedy Pass for 2 people sufficed.

Upon entering the Pleasure Beach we rushed to our favourite ride, Spongebob’s Splash Bash. My daughter and I went on and plenty of giggles were had while we squirted the water canon at people on and off the ride. We both came off soaked, my daughter had her waterproof coat on and chuckled about the fact that her mummy had forgotten to bring a waterproof. They did have waterproof ponchos for sale at a reasonable price but I didn’t purchase one on this occasion. We had reserved the Big Dipper on the Speedypass system and so the time came up for that and my partner bravely went on it. We then bought some fries in a bucket and a hotdog for lunch. We all ate for under £10.00 which I thought was really reasonable. I also noticed a fantastic deal whereby for £20 (adults) and £15 (children) you can have unlimited food and draught soft drink in certain outlets all day (subject to terms and conditions). Whilst we did not go for this we did discuss the fact that we may do in future should that offer still be available.

I went to have a quiet sit down with my baby boys while my partner took my daughter on the ghost train.  She loved this ride which was fantastic as she used to be afraid of it on our first visit to the Pleasure Beach.  We all met up and I took my daughter on the Alice in Wonderland ride thanks to a reservation on the Speedy Pass system.  The Alice ride is so much fun. You sit in a carriage and travel though many scenes from Wonderland. My daughter and I were mesmirised as we travelled up and down through the building and back out to the exit.  Whenever we go to Pleasure Beach both my daughter and I try to get on the Alice ride as much as possible.   We then reserved the River Caves ride and took a slow walk over to it.   My partner went on this with my daughter as I was not quite sure that I was up for the drop at the end of the ride.  I watched for them whilst waiting with my baby boys.  After a short time my daughter and partner emerged from the ride grinning from ear to ear and after an exciting drop down were quickly back with me.

My daughter then went on the Teacups ride (a firm favourite of hers) while myself and the boys relaxed with a drink. We headed back to Nickelodeon Land where my partner and daughter went on the Blue Flyer and I had a dance to the Dora the Explorer and friend’s characters. I did have the excuse that I was holding one of my twins. He has only just learnt to smile but was grinning at the characters. We stayed in Nickelodeon Land and my daughter went on the Bus several times while I looked after my little men. I was quite glad of this as she has a harder stomach than I do! At this time my partner was queuing for the Nickelodeon Streak. My daughter then was very brave and went on the Krusty Krab Order Up. She said the drop was very fast but thoroughly enjoyed herself. We then had one Speedypass reserved final ride on Alice in Wonderland before heading back to the car and home.

Throughout the park, toilet and changing facilities were never too far away and all that I used that day were thoroughly cleaned. All of the staff we came across were very helpful, in particular the box office staff at the arena. The entry prices were very reasonable both for wristbands and if someone wanted to opt for the buying tickets to get on a ride route. Their Big Blue Hotel stays are also very reasonably priced and are worth a look.

We would definitely go back again and hope to do so soon. Despite it being a busy day the queuing times were reasonable.  45 mins was the longest we queued for and we got on Spongebob Splash Bash virtually immediately.

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