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Philips Air Fryer Review

Reviewed by Dorothy White

It has been like an early Christmas in my house recently. I was so excited to receive this air fryer and couldn’t wait to try it out. It was heavier than I expected but very easy to set up ready for use. I simply had to wash the pan and the basket with warm soapy water then wipe it both inside and out with a damp cloth.

First I tried home made chips. I used a tablespoon of olive oil as recommended but noticed there was quite a bit left after I had coated the potatoes with it. The chips were quickly cooked to perfection and tasted fantastic.

Next I tried roast potatoes with roast vegetables for which I needed to use the divider. I cut the potatoes into small chunks and tossed them in a small quantity of olive oil and placed them one side of the divider. I put button mushrooms, sliced onions and carrots in the other side.

The roast potatoes & mushrooms turned out really well but I should have cut the onion into wedges rather than slices.

Potatoes au gratin, delicious and so easy to make ~ just thinly sliced potatoes with seasoned milk/cream topped with cheese.  I used cheddar rather than the recommended Gruyere, I did need to find a suitable dish first though to fit inside the fryer basket.

Frozen oven chips with chicken nuggets, so quick and easy to do. Chicken nuggets one side of the divider, frozen oven chips the other.

I can’t wait to try cooking fish & meat in it, or making the brownies!

Everything I have tried so far has been a great success.  I love it!  The air fryer comes with a full colour recipe book plus a quick start guide on a card which gives temperatures and times for a variety of foods.

The pan and basket were really easy to wash by hand or they can go in the dishwasher.

This air fryer is fantastic and one friend has already been out and bought one after hearing about mine!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £190.00

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