Petsafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder Review


Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Our four-legged friends have over the years become more than pets and become much love members of our families.  A lot of money is spent ensuring our furry friends are looked after and treated well.  We have an 18-month old Shih Tzu puppy named Luna and two bearded dragons. Each pet is loved and cherished dearly by us all and we like to spoil them.

When we discussed getting a puppy we realised that our lives would not be the same as they were before.  Gone were the days when we could go out for a full day and come back when we wanted or a holiday abroad when we wanted.  Instead we now we have a puppy that needs our attention and regular feeding.

Taking on any pet requires a lot of research plenty of patience as yourself and the new pet are both finding your feet with their new lives and routines.  One worry we had as a family was that we enjoyed going out and socialising with our friends for days out. Sometimes the venues we choose are not dog friendly and we have to leave Luna at home.  Luna is fantastic at being left at home alone household and she usually just sleeps whilst out but she does get hungry.

Usually when we return from days out we find that Luna has eaten all of her food left out for her and is hungry again so when the opportunity to review the petsafe smart feed automatic pet feeder I was really pleased as it meant we could still enjoy days out whilst knowing that Luna would have food available to her whilst we are out.  The PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder works via an app on your mobile device meaning that you can feed your pet wherever you are and when you wish.  The feeder arrived safely packaged in a large box with the PetSafe logo clear to see and a detailed image of the feeder inside.

Once opened I found inside the box..

The feeder

A stainless steel bowl

A bowl holder

A power adaptor with different attachments including European attachments as well as UK attachments.

Although the feeder can be plugged into a power point there is also an option to use it with batteries, this would be ideal for short holidays such as camping and caravanning where power might not be so readily available.

The feeder was really easy to set up I read the enclosed quick start guide before setting it up and within 2 minutes I had a working feeder ready to start feeding Luna.

The next step was to download the petsafe smart feeder app which was easy to find and download. The app itself was very easy to navigate and use.

Soon enough the feeder was paired to my phone and ready to use.

The feeder works with iPhone iOS 9 or later and Android 6.0 or later.

The feeder is used for dry food only so if your pet is on a wet food diet only this feeder is not the one for you.  Luna happily eats a mix of dry and wet so we were able to test this feeder properly.

When you begin to use the feeder you open the lid and fill the hopper with your pet’s favourite dry or semi moist food.  You then level the food and replace the lid.

The first time you use the feeder you will need to press the buttons a couple of times in order to prime the feeder and get food into the bowl.

Now the feeder was ready to ready to go and use.  I loved the app as I was able to schedule meal times for Luna and set up notifications and reminders.  One thing I liked about it was that I was able to give Luna a snack in between the scheduled meals if she got hungry we often find that some days she is hungrier than others so this option was fantastic.

Back to the app itself, as I said it’s quite easy to navigate within a main screen, settings menu, a feed now section where you can press it to give immediate food to your pet, a meal schedule section where you can schedule times and amounts of food for your pets, A slow feed mode this slowly dispenses scheduled meals of more than an eighth of a cup over a 15-minute period.  This is to help slow down fast eaters. Pets that eat too fast often end up with hiccups and vomiting so this option is absolutely amazing!  Finally a low food section on the app tells me when the food levels are low and when it needs topping up again.

This smart feeder really has revolutionized the way pet the owners feed their pets.  Gone are the days of worrying about our pets going hungry whilst out at work or days out etc now at the simple press of a button we can feed our pets from wherever we are.

The feeder itself is smart and sleek-looking and does not look out-of-place at all in my home.  It can be a bit noisy as the dry food tips into the bowl but that is a tiny inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.  It’s a truly wonderful feeder which put our minds at ease when we are out and Luna certainly enjoy the extra treats.

PetSafe really are an amazing company and you can tell that pets are the focus.  They are a company that truly care about pets and their owners and I suggest if you have a like myself a dog owner or a pet owner go out and get one of these smart feeders because they are phenomenal.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £169.99

This product is available to buy from the Petsafe UK website here.

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