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Modibodi Red Period Pants (Teen) Review


I was so excited to receive Modibodi Red underwear for my 16-year-old daughter. I moved to sustainable sanitary wear 3 years ago myself and I have been desperate to find a brand my daughter could use with no luck so far.  As soon as the parcel arrived, I was impressed.  The first thing to note was that it was packaged in such a way it could fit through the letter box which meant I didn’t need to worry about being at home to receive it.  The packaging was discreet with no mention of what was inside or the brand name to save any embarrassment.  The outer packaging had printed on it “I’m a compost pack”, being an environmentally friendly product, I really liked that the packaging was also environmentally friendly.  The pants came in a cardboard box which can also be recycled, another plus for me.  The box had detailed information on the back regarding washing instructions and described how both pairs of pants offer Moderate-Heavy protection which is 2-3 tampons worth or roughly 15ml.

Instantly the pants struck me as something a teenager would love, my daughter was taken with the stylish designs.  Both pairs were in the Hipster bikini design. One pair called Blue Marle is a washed out light blue color with a contrasting red band with the word red imprinted on it and the other called Blue Calypso is a sky blue color with Hawaiian flowers in white and pink with matching pink band with the word red printed on it.  The elasticated band at the top mimics the design favored by most high-end underwear designs and this appealed greatly to my daughter.  When wearing them you would have no idea they were in fact sanitary products.
Feeling the pants, they feel soft and of high quality, the crotch area feels securely padded and the cut around the leg feels secure and comfortable.  Both pairs had a protective paper cover stuck on which reassured us the pants were untouched.

As soon as my daughter put them on, she was impressed, they felt comfortable and reassuringly secure, she was impressed with how they looked like normal pants.  She was reassured that if she was to go to a sleepover, she could wear them, and no one would know that she was wearing a sanitary product.  The biggest bonus for my daughter with these pants is that she no longer needs to worry about what she wears when she is on her period.  She was always so conscious about how bulky a sanitary towel would look if she was wearing tight trousers.  She did not need to worry at all with these pants as they fit right under her clothes like normal underwear.

The absorbency is fantastic, my daughter can wear these pants for the whole day or for a whole night with no leakage.  She feels confident when she wears them.  Most importantly she feels comfortable and she almost forgets she is on her period.  She can put them on easily after a shower.  When finished with the pants she simply rinses the pants until they are clear then pop them in a cool wash.  These pants really are fantastic, I will defiantly be purchasing some other designs and am excited to try the swimwear!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.50

This product can be purchased from Modibodi here

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