Pen Heaven Parker Ingenuity Small Taupe Gold Trim Pen Review


Reviewed by Janine Rumble

Ever since I worked in a stationery shop when I was younger, I have loved pens, especially Parker fountain pens. There is just something elegant and grown up about having a ‘proper’ pen. Looking on the Pen Heaven website was just as the website says… heaven. There were so many different pens to choose from with different price ranges to match that it was difficult to choose, but I finally chose a Parker Ingenuity Small Taupe Gold Trim Pen (RRP £169 – currently selling for £69) and waited excitedly for it to arrive.

It arrived beautifully gift-wrapped, (this is a service for a small extra charge that Pen Heaven offer). It was exquisite gift paper and the parcel was wrapped with a white bow, a small silver gift tag completed the look, making it ready to give straight to the lucky recipient. Upon removing the bow and the wrapping paper, I removed a white cardboard covering to reveal the pen box, with the Parker pen logo on it.

Inside the box was the pen and a blue ink refill.

The pen is beautiful in both colour and design. The taupe colour is lovely and the rose gold accents really accentuate the taupe. You can feel the quality of the pen when you hold it. It is heavier than conventional pens, but with more use I am sure I will get used to holding and using it. Having seen the photos on the website, I had assumed that with a fountain pen nib that this was a traditional fountain pen, but this is a pen masquerading as a fountain pen with a faux nib, which I did not discover this until I opened the box and saw the refill (although it does state so on their website). Intrigued, I opened the pen, removed the nib from the main barrel of it, and inserted the refill. I was surprised to see how the refill slotted under the nib of the pen and became the tip that you write with, it is very clever and by looking at the pen, you would not notice it. The pen writes beautifully, and it is comfortable to hold, despite its weight.

The refills for the pen are available in 6 different colours and in either fine or medium tips at a cost of £7.00 each. I do not know how often I would need to replace the refill, but that is a fair price for such a lovely pen.

I would recommend that this pen would make a lovely gift for someone, for any occasion. I would give this pen 5/5. I would also recommend that you look at the pen heaven website as their range is amazing and they have something to suit every taste and pocket.

Rating: 5/5

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