Laughter Live! Comedy Club at Ferneham Hall, Fareham Review

23 March 2018

Reviewed by Amy Adeliyi

What a great evening out, we certainly laughed a lot.

The show format consisted of the compère James Alderson warming the audience up, namely picking out people to banter with or at. Then the first comedian Stephen Bailey (previously supported Katherine Ryan on tour) had a set for around 20 minutes. Stephen had a lot of sexual connotations within his act and had the audience almost crying with laughter at times. I think ‘Ben’ in the audience may not live it down with his work colleagues as he received a lot of attention during the set. At the end of the set there was an interval for 15 minutes. I did attempt to get drinks from the bar but even though they had at least 4 bar staff serving I was unable to get close enough to order drinks before the final call for the next set. So I would definitely recommend legging it to the bar as soon as the interval starts for busier shows.

After the interval the compère again chatted with the audience and was quite funny with his observational asides to those in the front rows. Oh and if you are easily embarrassed don’t walk in late from the bar as you will be mentioned.

The 2nd set was Kelly Convey, previously seen on First Dates. Convey used material from her introduction to fame and her relationship. Some very funny material although there were a few times when things went a bit flat.

We then had a second interval, I admittedly didn’t bother trying again at the bar, but many did as they came back in with their drinks. Although the alcohol was clearly flowing, there were no negative issues from this and people were well behaved and relaxed for the entirety of the show.

After the interval James came back on and talked through a few tweets and had a bit more banter with the audience. He then introduced the final headline comedian Seann Walsh previously seen in ‘Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week and Celebrity Juice. Seann was hilarious, his observations really hit home with the audience. From the Britishness of people’s behaviour to the struggles of ‘limewire’ as a teen.

Ferneham Hall is a pleasant venue, with welcoming staff. I was pleasantly surprised that parking was free in the car park and multi storey car park next door.

I would definitely go back and watch future shows, with varying comedians you won’t get the same experience each time and will undoubtedly go home laughing.

Rating: 4/5

For other shows at Ferneham Hall in Fareham visit www.fernehamhall.co.uk or call the box office on 01329 231942.

Ferneham Hall, Osborn Road, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 7DB | 01329 231942

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