Passion (A Fallen Novel) by Lauren Kate Review


Reviewed by Jade Holmes (Age 13)

An effective book cover that manages to catch your eye and convey the idea behind the book.

Passion (the third book in the Fallen series) is well written and easy to read, most past life books become confusing jumping back and forth through time but, Lauren managed to make it flow so, it was easily understood. The front cover is beautifully simple and appropriative to the content of the book.

Even though it’s on the same line as most true love story it given a twist that is unique and give it that extra something. Once reading about Luce’s past life I wanted to find out more so, I went to go and get the first two from the bookshop and can’t wait until the fourth one comes out in shops.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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