Party Food from Morrisons Review


Reviewed by Debbie Talbot, Debbie Tasker, Jennifer Willetts & Louisa Nashir

I recently received lots of party food from Morrisons so decided to get some friends and have a very sociable tasting party and get into the Christmas spirit.

All the products that had to be cooked were from frozen. Also once thawed do not refreeze – this was all clearly stated on the packaging. They came in eye catching boxes. Everything looked exceptionally scrummy on the packet and also when ready to serve.

Pigs in blankets:  £2 for a pack of 12 – Cocktail sausages wrapped in smoked streaky bacon = yummy!

Mini cheese straws: £1 for a pack of 14 – These were made with puff pastry and cheddar cheese… this was the least favourite item, very bland tasting.

Southern fried chicken dippers: £1 for 12 – Chicken strips with a tasty coating. These are an absolute bargain and our taster ate the whole lot in minutes.

Mini steak and ales pies: £4 for 12 – Tender pieces of steak in a rich gravy, topped with puff pastry. Everybody loved these, they went down a storm.

Chicken party feast: £5 for 65 pieces – This contained a variety of chicken – korma and sweet chilli bites, and breaded and southern fried strips, a great item for party season. Iam going to get one to keep in the freezer in case of unexpected guests! You just pop in the oven and you have a lovely chicken platter.

Mini chocolate dessert cups: £3 for 12 – Dark chocolate cups, 6 filled with chocolate cream and cherry sauce, decorated with chocolate curls, and 6 filled with passion fruit cream and sauce, decorated with amaretti biscuits, the latter were not to my liking, the passion fruit flavour was a little overbearing, having said that everybody else said they were ok! The cherry ones were divine!

Oozing middle chocolate orange cheesecakes: £3 for 12 – Mini cheesecakes with digestive biscuit bases filled with orange sauce, topped with chocolate cream and decorated with sugar crumb pieces, these were a winner with everybody, an indulgent treat was what we all agreed they were.

Icecream Igloo: £3 – Fun igloo shaped icecream with marshmallows.  Just the right texture. Once my little girl spotted it I didn’t get a look in.

Icing Topped Fruit Cake: £3.40 – The icing and marzipan are perfect, not too overbearing.  The fruit cake is just right, not too dry.  Bargain for the price.

Stollen: £1.69 – Just the right combination of ingredients.  Once you start on it you don’t want to stop.

Dessert platter: £6.00 – This was a generous assortment of mince pies, stollen and shortbread.  They were enjoyed and my friends even went home with goodie bags full of them.

12 mini chocolate eclairs: £1.59 – These didn’t make it to the get together, my daughter and I enjoyed them the evening before. Just the right size with the perfect amount of chocolate and cream.

We also had some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to try:

White grape and redcurrant delicately sparkling spring water, smart looking bottle, great taste… not unlike schloer .

Apple, raspberry and rose delicately sparkling spring water (same as above)

Chianti classico red wine £7.99. Rich, mature forest fruit and spices flavour . Ideal choice to accompany steak, and excellent with mature cheeses. We thought this tasted rather “plumy” . Loved it, and agreed it would go well with pasta dishes.

All in all excellent products all round, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again. Lots of great party foods to enjoy Christmas with your friends and family and excellent value for money.

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