Papa the Stock Farmer by Mairi McLellan Review


Reviewed by Lucy Lowndes

This is the second book in the ‘What do the grown-ups do’ series by Mairi McLellan. This series of books is designed to educate children about the workplace in a light-hearted and interesting manner.

The front cover is eye-catching with a beautiful photo of a highland cow on. The photos continue throughout the book with descriptions under each one. This book is packed full of information from beginning to end.

The story follows Ava, Skye and Gracie, three young sisters from Scotland who want to investigate the world of grown up jobs. In this book the girls go out onto the Highlands to help their Granddad (Papa) with the cows and sheep. During the book the girls ask a lot of questions to their Papa, all of these questions are typed in bold, with very informative answers after. They learn all about the Highlands and the different kinds of ground, how silage is made, what a food chain is, different cattle diseases, how to become a farmer and much more.

This is a lovely educational book, full of lots of facts and information about farmers, cows and sheep. The quality of the book is 5/5 with its glossy cover and well printed pages. The book claims to be aimed at 5+ year olds but I would say it is more suitable for the 8+ age range, the reason for this is there are some difficult words mentioned in this book which would probably confuse a younger child. My daughter is almost 9 and we read it together, taking it in turns to read the pages. We both have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and we have both learnt a lot about the farming industry.

The book has an RRP of £10.00 which for the quality of the book and information provided is a good price. Overall this is a great educational book, which I would recommend to any parent/teacher wanting their child to learn about farming.

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Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10

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