Lov Organics Rose Rooibos Herbal Tea Review


RoseRooibosTeaRose Rooibos Organic Herbal Tea


Reviewed by Judy Cera

I am a big fan of teas and herbal teas so I was very pleased to receive my box of Rose Rooibos Organic Herbal Tea from Lov Organic. The packaging is lovely. It comes in a cube shaped pink box with a quirky white logo of a stylised bird sitting on a branch.

Inside the box, the twenty tea bags are sealed in a plastic inner bag to maintain their freshness. As soon as I opened the inner bag, the delicious scent of roses hit me. The tea bags are made of a sort of fabric mesh which gives the impression of a special, luxury tea.

Each tea bag has a string which is useful for removing it from the cup without the need of a spoon. The string has a little square card attached to it which bears the same pink and white bird logo: a very nice touch.

When I poured on the hot water the indulgent aroma of rose filled the room. The rose flavour compliments the rooibos and makes for a very refreshing and pleasant drink. It would have been good to have some instructions telling me how long to leave the tea to infuse, and whether to drink with milk or without. I tried it both ways and I preferred it with milk although it is delicious also without. The fact that it is caffeine free means it can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

I would definitely buy this tea again.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £8.20 (20 tea bags)

Available to buy from uk.lov-organic.com.


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