Organix Advent Calender And Organix Christmas Selection Box Review


Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

With its big, clear door numbers, chunky size and seasonal theme, you can instantly see that this advent calendar from Organix is aimed at younger children. The age suitability of 18 months + can be seen on the top corner and although the Oaty Bars are 12 +, the Jammie Monsters are 18+.
The products are displayed on the front of the box in both bright wrapper form and in their bare brown chewy yummy unwrapped shape so toddlers will recognise these familiar delicious treats.

Parents of mixed age children as well as those with dietary requirements such as dairy free can sometimes feel stuck when it comes to choosing a suitable advent calendar. Older siblings will opt for the sweet chocolaty ones or a toy one. But if you do not want your little person to have a daily sugary snack or they can’t for health or ethical reasons, what other options do you have? Lots of parents result in making their own calendar and filling them accordingly but if you have neither the time or inclination for such creative pursuits then this Organix advent calendar fills the void nicely.

The design of the product is appealing with lots of cheeky monsters hiding as well as games on the back. But it does look and feel like a “healthy” version of an advent calendar. Emblazoned with slices of fruit and with all the brilliant things Organix stands for such as the no junk promise, vegetarian and vegan friendly and all organic ingredients; it definitely appeals to the adults rather than the kiddos.

My two small folk aged 4 and 6 thought the calendar looked “loads of fun” and they are regular consumers of Organix products. Popping one of these snacks in their lunchboxes eases my mum guilt and reassures me that they are eating something good and wholesome. The children were really excited to see what type of treat they would find behind the door but they did say “there isn’t any chocolate though”.

As a society we have enjoyed a chocolate filled advent calendar for so long it’s become a tradition and anything that is a bit different feels out of place but times have changed and on one hand we are more health conscious than ever and aware of what we are giving our children. On the other hand the last couple of years has seen the arrival of huge advent calendars’ as well as ones containing toys and non edible items so now is the time to introduce this chocolate free calendar. What it is doing is changing the way “treats” like the Organix Oaty Bites are perceived. No longer are they just the healthy, sensible and less exciting alternative to the sugar rush of chocolate but this advent calendar suggests they are infact a fully entitled equal to sweets and chocs who can sit proudly alongside their unhealthier counterparts. They are after all completely delicious and I have been known to snaffle these up when the kids are not around. This calendar offers a fantastic alternative and there is definitely a space in the market for a calendar like this!

The doors are easy to open for smaller hands and with no foil to have to poke your way into, your mini treat greets you brightly and will provide a delight a day all the way to Christmas Eve….

The Organix Christmas Selection Box is fantastic value for money and my girls would love to find one of these under the tree on Christmas morning. Packed with 5 good sized snacks, including Oaty Bars in Raspberry & Apple and Apple & Orange as well as a bag of mini gingerbread men, alphabet biscuits and strawberry & apple fruit gummies (a particular favourite!) this feels like a yummy pack of goodies without the rubbish but with all the taste and more. Brightly coloured and appealing, with its sleek smooth shape, this selection box would be a lovely little festive gift and is suitable for 12 months +

Organix Advent Calender – 4/5
Organix Selection box – 4.5/5


Organix Advent calendar – £8.99
Organix Selection Box – £2.99

These products can be purchased from the Boots website here.

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