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Orchard Toys Little Bug Bingo Mini Game Review

Reviewed by Melody Floyde

When the Little Bug Bingo arrived, I was surprised at how small it was, having not realised it was going to be a mini game. This didn’t stop my two sons’ eagerness to open the box and start playing as soon as they laid eyes on it!

The game comes in a small brightly coloured box with lots of pictures of the contents and bugs. The instructions are printed on the back of the box which is a great idea as it means you can’t lose them!

Inside the box there are four playing boards, each with nine pictures of different bugs on. There are 20 picture cards and 34 green circular leaf counters. The cards and counters needed to be broken out of cardboard sheets before we could start playing but this didn’t take long.

The aim of the game, as with any bingo, is to be the first person to cover all of the bugs on your board and to shout ‘bingo’. The picture cards are placed face down and players take it in turns to pick them. If the bug on the card is on your board then you put a leaf counter over it.

The game is aimed at ages 3-6 years and is for 2-4 players. My two boys are almost three and almost six so we cover both ends of the range and I can safely say that both boys love this game. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve played with my youngest over the last few days! He loves looking at all the different pictures and naming the bugs and finding them on his board. The game includes well-known bugs such as bee, butterfly and spider but also less common bugs such as water boatman and aphid which is good as it teaches children what they are.

This is a really lovely game for the family and because it is so small it will be ideal to take with us if we go away on holiday to keep the children entertained. Although as there at lots of small pieces I wouldn’t recommend you use it whilst travelling!

The game retails at £4.99 and is one of a range of mini games by Orchard Toys. I will definitely look at buying some of the other games in the range as they are very reasonable and don’t take up much space. They would also be ideal as small gifts for my boys to give to their friends when they are invited to parties.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99

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