Monkey & Chops Daily Routine Chart Review


Reviewed by Katie Allen

My daughter, Edith, starts school in September so we’re keen to get her morning routine, in particular, arranged and familiar before then.

Having a chart that Edith can put together and cross off as jobs are done was a great idea.

I ordered the Flexible Magnetic Sheet version (also available as a Rigid Magnetic Board to hall on the wall) and it came with two magnetic sections that fit nicely on our fridge. One piece has a place for Edith to write her name and shows sunshine and moon symbols to show which line is morning and bedtime.

The other section holds all the different “badges” which make up the daily activities, with one blank one to customise as you’d like.

Edith was excited to stick the bits on to the fridge and wrote her name on it immediately. We then sat down together to work out what all the badges meant and managed to put together all the things she needs to do in the morning and before bed.

It was great to see that she understood what she already did every day but also good to be able to put new activities into her routine such as “put dishes into dishwasher”.

As soon as the plans were up she started, using the enclosed dry wipe pen, to cross off the activities she’d already done that day and then, off her own back, proceeded with the next.

I can now ask her to look at the chart in the morning and she starts to work her way through the routine without me having to ask her 19 times to “put your shoes on”.

This will be a great tool to have in September when we need to get out of the door on time each day and when tensions can fray quickly.

I would highly recommend this chart to anyone with a preschooler or reception child. It allows the children to take ownership for routine activities and helps them work out which order to do things in.

Rating: 5/5

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