One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book by Yao Cheng Review

Reviewed by Carolyn Dewey

In today’s world when the expression money rich and time poor is used much, this One Line a Day memory book by Yao Cheng seems very fitting idea. I have over the years kept a diary of varying types, some A5 and some even A4 size, or sometimes just notebooks a size in-between, often blue or black. The One Line a Day by Yao Cheng is much more special than my previous diaries. Its size is smaller than A5, (I made it 16cm by 10cm), it is compact, and the nice thing is it has a pleasingly soft and padded to touch, and just the right size to hold in your hand. Its depth is 2.5cm, enough for 5 years worth of writing and has a luxurious gold edge on the pages.

To look at the front and back of the book it is very feminine with pretty flowers in spring tones of peach, orange, yellow and green and pink. I found it an ideal size to sit nicely on the bedside table and fits into the draw next to the bed. It also has a pale pink silk ribbon to keep the page place. Inside the pretty pattern continues, and the entries are cleverly done so that you can easily see and compare the five years, what happened on what day, which is nice touch.

This book is thought provoking, being simply one line a day, no ramblings on what to fill the half page/one page required. However, the writer in this book can ponder, be succinct, what was the highlight bit of the day, what was noteworthy. Time to conjure up the best words to describe it in the 5 small lines available, some 7.5cm wide and 2cm deep in length is the space to be specific. I think the right type of pen to use should be considered, a fine nib, not any old biro which I had, I need to go and buy something new a pen that is easy to write neatly and small enough for the space. So what to write when writing here, I would naturally look for the blessings of the day, it is a cliché but a good practice at end the day and that is known to aid restful sleep. However, a younger person might simply write their thoughts, where they went, what’s in or what’s out, who their friends were, places to be seen, fashion.

This One Line A Day for a Five-Year Memory would make a lovely and thoughtful gift. It suits all sorts of people. Young teenagers/graduate who are busy going out and about, who don’t have much time or patience. Once these memories are written when older would provide a fun look back on their youth – a glimpse back into time, a simple moment of fun. The book provides a much nicer alternative to technology that might be outdated and not accessible in many years to come, just like the floppy disc and the cassette became, which shows my age. Being only a line a day might be encouraging for someone who is not necessarily a writer normally, one line it is not so daunting, and doable, not an epic novel. Also it is good for people in different stages in their life, someone who has moved to a new area, been unwell, single again or even a new mum or someone elderly or retired, and maybe even starting over with a new career. Actually, it would make a good Christmas present too, maybe even a Secret Santa present, being reasonably priced, not over the top, and a pen could even be added in if your budget allows.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99 (hardback)

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