On Monday I Lost My Rabbit by Victoria Cullen Review

Reviewed by Lee-Anne McCarthy

I am a huge fun of books and have instilled the same love into my toddler twins Finn and Alfie, so when I heard I was able to review a new picture book with them I was ecstatic.

On Monday I Lost My Rabbit by Victoria Cullen is a lovely paperback book. It is beautifully illustrated by Cherie Zamazing throughout. We noticed the little boy on the front looks a lot like Finn and the teddies and toys on the front were a real talking point.

The story tells of a little boy who everyday manages to lose a precious toy. The illustrations show the little boys sadness at their loss. The story goes on to tell of the desperate search he undertakes trying to finding his precious friends. One by one he finds all his wonderful friends in the most typical of places. I won’t tell you where, maybe you can guess.

The boys loved the illustrations throughout and each page had a wealth of identifiable objects they were able to engage with and name while we read. The words of the story are very repetitive so the repetition meant that after the second read the boys were able to participate and say some of the words along with me while reading it to them.


Within the book there are some of the many basic first words a child will begin with when they learn to read. As a teacher myself, I never think a child is too young to be exposed new vocabulary and words. This book is one that starts the understanding of basic vocabulary in a very lovely way.

We loved the story, we loved the pictures and most of all we loved reading it together.

We give this book 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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