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Reviewed By Charlotte Gatehouse

Like many households, reading is a key part of our daughter’s bedtime routine. We love the quiet quality time usually in an otherwise hectic day and knowing we are helping develop our daughters love of books and reading makes it so worthwhile.
We were thrilled to receive a new book, feeling that the ones on our bookshelf were becoming repetitive in their rotation as they often do.

‘Og’ by Joanne Hutchinson, illustrated by Kris Lillyman is a tale of an ugly troll named Og who lives in a hollow tree, at night he sneaks to a cottage nearby where he would listen at the window to a little girl named Lucy’s bedtime stories. Og seems to be a book lover too!
The book references many familiar fairy tales and popular favourites that Og listens to at Lucy’s window. My daughter took great delight in guessing the descriptions of the books for example the tale of ‘a fairy godmother who bestows a ball gown’ is Cinderella and ‘how a cat and a witch made room on the broom’ or ‘how a queen lost control and caused her land to freeze’.
Og becomes the hero of his story in the end but I won’t give the ending away, no spoilers!

The book is beautifully illustrated with vibrant colours. Og and Lucy are cute and likeable. The characters from the familiar books described are recognisable without being copied.

My 5 year old daughter loved this story and I really enjoyed reading it, she has asked for it several times over the week, it seemed to captivate her from the first page. Perhaps because of the way it is cleverly written- rhyming all the way through or maybe because of the fun she had guessing the books within the book or possibly because she could relate to the little girl tucked in her bed reading like she was. There are so many reasons to love this book!

We loved the unique magical rhyming tale which would appeal to both boys and girls across nursery and primary age up to around 8.

Og is the authors debut book and I would be keen to re-visit Joanne Hutchinson’s future tales ‘Hagwitch and the cauldron of colours’ is also available to buy from the same author and illustrator duo, we’ve definitely added it to our list. Hopefully the author has many more tales to come.

The book itself is a standard sized paperback with good quality pages measuring at 28cm x 21cm with glossy vibrantly coloured pages, the book retails at £6.99 which is standard when buying these sort of books individually and well worth the money if it becomes a favourite and is frequently read, like I’m sure it will be in our house.

Og would make a lovely Christmas gift or gift of any kind, definitely an easy win for little ones in the family, and new to print so they would be unlikely to already have the book in their collection.
What better kind of gift than the gift of reading.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99

This product can be purchased from the Joanne Hutchinson website here

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