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Oakdale Bees – Bees Wax Food Wraps Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

I was pleased for the opportunity to review a set of Beeswax Wraps from the wonderful people at Oakdale Bees, they are a British based, eco friendly, ethical business specialising in all things Bee related (now what’s not to like about that).

The package arrived in a small flat box so the postie could just put it through the letterbox which was nice and easy. The box contained- the wraps (folded in a cardboard envelope/pocket that was printed with instructions), some bee, bug and butterfly friendly wildflower seeds and a leaflet explaining a bit about the seeds and Oakdale itself which I thought was a wonderful touch. I was so impressed with the presentation and it feels like a lovely gift for any foodie or environmentally conscious friends.

Like a lot of people these days I am always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. I have been aware of beeswax wraps but had yet to try any.

I was sent a multi-pack which contained 3 wraps in various sizes (large 30x35cm, medium 21x21cm and small 15x16cm) each featuring a different pretty bee print. On opening I was hit by the smell the beeswax, which is a scent I enjoy.

We are a family of 4 on a budget and I always try to limit food waste wherever possible, so I am a regular user of Tupperware, freezer bags, foil and cling film for either storing food or for packing food up for picnics and packed lunches. At first I was sceptical I couldn’t understand how these wraps would seal and keep food fresh in the same way the other products would but I was pleasantly surprised, using just warm hands the wraps sealed easily, kept food from going stale and managed to look good in the process. The large wrap was a decent size and could cover a large bowl and sandwiches alike. The smaller pieces were just the right size for a piece of cheese, cake or anything else that would fit in fact the only thing these wraps shouldn’t be used with are raw meat (I imagine that this is because of the risk of contamination rather than it couldn’t do the job though).

The next test was re-usability, the instructions state the wraps should be washed under a cold tap in between uses, this worked fine but as someone that likes everything to be cleaned at a high heat I am unsure as to how clean they actually are after this, however knowing that beeswax and the jojoba oil on the wraps is naturally anti-bacterial put my mind at rest. I would still be wary of using these with any foods that are particularly messy or strong smelling though.
I was pleased to note can be put in the oven to redistribute the wax then they are as good as new.

I have explored the Oakdale bees website and as a bit of a keen crafter and lover of all things homemade I was delighted to see they also sell a kit to make your own beeswax wraps, which I’d definitely love to try.

The multi-pack set of wraps are available to buy on the Oakdale Bees website for £11.99 in various beautiful prints, which is entirely reasonable as they can last for around a year, they can also be purchased individually if preferred. It’s clear to see the people at Oakdale Bees have put a lot of thought and care into this product and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

It’s fair to say I am completely converted to beeswax wraps, they are so much more effective than I thought they would be, I will certainly be looking to these for gifting to family and friends, I know they will be well received.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.99

This product is available to buy from Oakdale Bees here.

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