Nunn Sports Drinks Tabs Review


NunnNunn Sports Drinks Tabs

Reviewed by Sandra McGhee

I was very curious when I received my samples of Nuun tablets. The packaging is colour coded to each flavour, i.e. green & yellow for lemon & lime, purple & mauve for grape flavours.

Each tube provides 12 tablets with each tab making a 500ml drink. Each drink provides a light refreshing flavoured drink without any sugar. There are various flavours available. 12 in total, ranging from grape, lemon & lime, tropical and tri-berry and lemonade and as well as these if you prefer caffeine like myself there are additional flavours of lemon tea, kona-cola and cherry limeade.

As there is no sugar the taste is light and very easy to drink. I let my 15 year son, a keen rugby player who trains a lot, first sample these drinks. He first tried a few of the flavours after each training session and straight after games and instantly was keen on all the flavours and said they all quenched your thirst and was a great alternative to water or other high energy drinks. Each drink has optimal salt balance which prevents cramping and maximises hydration giving you the boost you need after sweating.

Each flavour has an acquired taste, I especially liked the strawberry lemonade and tri-berry drinks. I myself do a lot of spinning and running and normally just drink water. After using the flavoured tabs I will definitely introduce these more regularly as part of my work-out routine for an instant energy boost. The good thing about these drinks is the tubes are light and easy to carry around in your holdall or carry on the go especially great to keep in the boot of your car along with some fresh bottles of water and a great way to accommodate different taste buds without having to carry too many drink options. Each tube is environmentally friendly and container is recyclable. Good value as only work out to approximately 50p per drink and less than 12 calories per drink.


I would definitely buy these drinks again, they are convenient to carry very portable, give you an instant boost to any workout during or after and very low calorie and good value so all in all top marks. Much better option than normal soda drinks and a healthy option too.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £24 (4 pack)

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