Nightbear by Rebecca Patterson Review

Reviewed by Tracey Flintham

Nightbear by Rebecca Patterson (a previous winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize) tells the story of a young bear born in a factory (up north), their first home and being donated to a charity shop. The bear hopes for a new loving owner and eventually finds one but then wonders what job they can do to help as the young girl already has six teddies.

The book is well written with language that a 2 year old understands and an older child would take pleasure in reading to a younger sibling. The book is nicely illustrated with lots of colourful and busy drawings that children will love. There are lots of details within the pictures and readers can be encouraged to search for or name many of the objects within the pictures. Additionally the cover is bright, bold and glittery which appeals to children. The text throughout the book is big and bold and never overlying the pictures which makes it easier for children to follow along or read aloud. The book also raises several issues that can be discussed with older children including recycling, finding new homes and fitting into new environments.

The suggested reading age for this book is from 2 to 4 years but as it is well written it held the imagination of my oldest child who delights in reading the book to her younger sister.

There is more story and content within this book than other similar books that you can buy for this age range. This book is now well established for bedtime reading in our house and we will investigate other works by this author.

Overall a well-illustrated good read and it has scored a well earned 4 stars out of 5 in our house!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £6.99 (paperback) / £3.99 (Kindle)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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