New Tricks The Best Of Review

New Tricks
The Best Of


Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman, Alun Armstrong, James Bolam, Denis Lawson
Certificate: 12
Running Time: 293 minutes (approx.)
Number of Episodes: 5
Number of Discs: 2
Format: DVD

New Tricks: The Best Of is a 2 disc DVD box set consisting of the five best episodes as voted for by the fans of this wonderful police drama.

If you have never seen New Tricks, why not? It’s great.

Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman) heads up a Metropolitan Police unit called UCOS (Unsolved Case and Open Case Squad) with 3 retired ex-policemen – Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman), Brian Lane (Alun Armstrong), Jack Halford (James Bolam) who is replaced by Steve McAndrew (Denis Lawson) in series 9. Which each having their own unique quirks it makes for an interesting combination and a source of problems for their “by-the-book” boss DAC Robert Strickland (Anthony Calf). The solve dead cases that other detectives have been unable to solve.

Episodes in this box set are:

1 – God’s Waiting Room: Jack has to go undercover into a retirement home to try and find a murderer even though he is denied permission to investigate.

2 – Death of a Timeshare Salesman: UCOS are tasked with investigating the apparent suicide of a timeshare salesman that is not what is appears to be.

3 – Dead Man Talking: UCOS have to investigate the death of a wealthy financier after a psychic says that the dead man’s daughter has unfinished business.

4 – Old Fossils: The case of a dead palaeontologist at a museum is reopened and plenty of suspects start to appear in his murder.

5 – The Girl Who Lived: Jack Halford has left and a new retired detective joins the team to try and find a missing Scottish girl when here DNA suddenly turns up in London.

Overall, New Tricks is a great detective show with unique characters providing plenty of entertainment especially my favourite Brian with his OCD and brilliant memory. These five episodes featured are great and provide hours of great escapism.

A well written drama with a very strong cast and worth watching. If you have never seen New Tricks before this would make a great sample of all the previous series and after watching I think you will be hooked.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Acorn Media UK here.

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